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Why Dressing Up Can Inspire You To Be More Productive When Working From Home


If you're privileged to work from home, you might have asked yourself the following questions: Is there really a rule that covers work-from-home outfits? Do I really need to dress up?  There's really no hard and fast rule when it comes to WFH gear, but these reasons may convince you to give a little bit of effort in terms of the fashion department.

  1. Your outfit sets the tone for the day.

    If you turn a certain spot in your house to a make-shift workplace, why not get your body into work mode by putting on decent clothing? This inspires productivity—your brain will think that you're ~ready~ to face deadlines. 

  2. Dressing up acts like a work-mode switch.

    Make dressing up a part of your morning WFH routine so you'll know how to set boundaries. This practice will prevent you from working super-long hours because you're not in pambahay. Also, put on makeup while you're at it!


  3. Putting on a nice outfit is a form of self-care.

    Paying attention to your appearance is self-care! Besides, you probably bought that top because you *knew* that it looked sooo good on you when you first tried it in the fitting room. Deserve mo magpaganda, girl. BTW, no OOTDs will be wasted if you take mirror selfies.

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  4. Wearing nice clothes helps improve your mood.

    Do you remember the age-old style tip that says that whatever you're wearing reflects on your performance? It still applies when your home becomes the office. You'll be more focused if you're in work attire.

  5. BTW, you can still keep your looks cozy.

    We're not telling you to dress up in a blazer and trousers at home. (Unless you have to.) What we recommend is to wear something comfy that will not restrict your movement, but it should be something polished enough in case your boss wants an impromptu video meeting. Don't put on anything that's ratty or tight—a piece that is not considered as pantulog. A safe bet would be a nice t-shirt and maxi skirt—a bra is optional.


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