20 Mirror Selfie Ideas To Try When No One Can Take Cute Pics Of You

Pics or it never happened.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/piapadre, (RIGHT) Instagram/juliabarretto

You know this scenario all too well: Your outfit is perfect or maybe your hair just deserves to be seen by ~everyone~. The only problem is, you can't find anyone to take a decent photo of you. Obviously, the only way to document your look is by taking a selfie

You may opt to just use your phone's selfie cam for closeup shots, but when you need to capture more elements of your look, you must be creative. A clever and easy suggestion: Utilize the back camera and pose in front of a mirror. #SarilingSikap

In case you need posing ideas or phone photography tips, take a look at this list of cool celeb mirror selfies we've prepared for you for inspiration. 

  1. If you're traveling to another country, look for a random mirror to take your cold-weather OOTD.

  2. Leave your face out of the frame if you're shy but you really, really, really want to document your look.

  3. Pose near a plant to give an all-black outfit a pop of color.

  4. Take a selfie in the treatment room while you wait for your facialist to step in.

  5. Focus on the important details of your outfit—in this case, your statement bra top.

  6. If the banyo is ~fancy~, take advantage of it!

  7. Try sitting on the floor for a more ~demure~ mirror selfie pose.

  8. Write your name in the mirror with lipstick for a more personal touch.

  9. Here's a cool way to check if a pair of shoes will look good with your outfit.

  10. Show off your pretty long hair by taking a selfie in a place with white background.

  11. When flaunting your new fave lippie, match your nails with it for more impact!

  12. Do an outfit check before you leave the hotel room.

  13. Take your mirror selfie up a notch by using a legit camera.

  14. When you pose in an aesthetically pleasing place, half of the work is done.

  15. For when you just want to brag about your new phone case and awesome hair.

  16. Here's how you take a low-key sexy mirror selfie.

  17. Turn on your phone cam's flash for an edgier effect.

  18. This is, by far, the coolest example of how you can take a photo of yourself and your surroundings.

  19. Stay in one-thirds of the frame so you can capture the details of both your beauty look and outfit.

  20. Look taller in photos by wearing a monochromatic outfit and stepping one leg forward.

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