~*Expensive*~ Fashion Investments For Twentysomethings

Do you have all 15 items?
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Your 20s are the perfect time to make fashion mistakes, but it's also the decade when you need to stock up on wardrobe investment pieces worthy of an #adult. We came up with 15 style staples every 20-year-old should have so she's ready for ~*life*~. Read on: 

  1. A gateway designer watch

    What you need: An elegant, classic watch that will serve as a true mark of what you have accomplished so far. 
    Why you need it: You’re a twentysomething who’s always on time, after all. Also, because your phone isn't meant to be a timepiece. 
    Expect to spend: P98,000 to P280,000

    Try: TAG Heuer Link Lady watch, TAG Heuer boutiques

  2. Job interview shoes

    What you need: Black or nude heels that will make you feel 10 feet tall, confidence-wise.
    Why you need it: So you won't freak out about having nothing to wear when your dream job calls.
    Expect to spend: P3,500 and up

    Try: Pointy black pumps from Nine West, Trinoma mall

  3. A carry-on you can take around the world!

    What you need: A trusty travel buddy with wheels.
    Why you need it: For a work-related conference in the US, a weekender in HK, or shopping in Bangkok.
    Expect to spend: P33,000 to P47,000 (We hate to break it to you, but quality luggage doesn't come cheap)

    Try: Voyageur Super Léger Spinner, TUMI, Greenbelt 5

  4. A statement clutch for formal events

    What you need: A versatile minaudière that’ll match all your formal wear. P.S. It doesn't have to be designer, but hey, if it's a great one-of-a-kind piece, why not invest?
    Why you need it: Because big totes don't look good with evening gowns. 
    Expect to spend: P42,000 to P180,000

    Try: MEA PULPO Clutch 1 in Black & Gold by Bea Valdes, maison-de-mode.com

  5. A work bag to stuff everything in

    What you need: A roomy tote that’s strong and sturdy, and can go with any of your work outfits.
    Why you need it: You want to look professional. Period.
    Expect to spend: P15,500 and up

    Try: Kate Spade Cameron Street Medium Harmony, Shangri-La Plaza

  6. A modern LBD

    What you need: A trusty, go-to LBD that you can dress up and dress down, depending on your shoes and accessories.
    Why you need it: For mornings when you wake up late and have ~nothing~ to wear!
    Expect to spend: P3,950 to P5,000

    Try: A shift—so you can totally wear it even on bloated days—from Harlan and Holden, Shangri-La Plaza.

  7. A gown to wear to all the weddings you’re invited to

    What you need: A versatile dress that: 1) you can wear and style in different ways, 2) is low-key enough so you don’t outshine the bride, and 3) comes in a ~safe~ color (no blacks, whites, and reds!) to follow the dress code.
    Why you need it: All your classmates' weddings you have to attend.
    Expect to spend: P10,500 and up

    Try: This chic gown in a fun, powder blue color by Rosenthal Tee. It comes with a sequined jacket that you can wear with, too! Available at rosenthaltee.com.

  8. Diamond stud earrings to wear till you’re 40!

    What you need: Absolutely authentic, shining, shimmering diamonds that prove you're someone who knows where to invest her hard-earned money!
    Why you need it: You'll wear it everywhere, from casual Sundays with the fam to evening dates with your dashing S.O.
    Expect to spend: P42,000 to P62,000

    Try: Diamond stud earrings from Tiffany & Co., available in Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza.

  9. A blazer you can bring to the boardroom or bar

    What you need: A sleek blazer you can wear anywhere
    Why you need it: Use it to elevate shirt-and-jeans-days, or wear with a lacy camisole to look classy for cocktails.
    Expect to spend: P2,000 and up

    Try: Mango Essential Structured Blazer, Zalora.com

  10. Seamless underwear for zero VPLs

    What you need: Nude underwear that won’t fail you. 
    Why you need it: You’re definitely too old for visible panty lines! Wear these underneath white pants and tops, or skin-tight dresses.
    Expect to spend: At least P1,500 for a set

    Try: Avon Salma Non-wire T-shirt Brassiere and Body Illusions Light Control 2-in-1 Maxi Panty Pack, both available at Zalora.com

  11. Workout sneakers you can also run errands in

    What you need: Proper sports shoes that won’t limit your workout.
    Why you need it: Ideally, it’s to convince (or pressure) yourself to exercise. You may also use these to do your grocery shopping, or if allowed, for casual Fridays at the office.
    Expect to spend: P5,000 to P10,900

    Try: Nike Women's Nike Air Max Thea Ultra Flyknit Shoes, Zalora.com

  12. A casual tee when you can't #adult

    What you need: A solid-colored cotton tee, or one in a classic print.
    Why you need it: For tamad days, when you’re not feeling like ~*adulting*~ but you have to!
    Expect to spend: P1,300 to 1,900

    Try: Breton stripe T-shirt, Gap, Eastwood Mall

  13. Classic sunglasses for an insta-cool vibe

    What you need: Shades in a timeless design that will make you feel like an A-lister.
    Why you need it: It's a shield for your eyes to prevent wrinkles from squinting!
    Expect to spend: P7,500 to P10,000

    Try: A tortoiseshell pair from RayBan—time to return the ones you found on your mom or dad’s dresser! Available at Vision Express branches in all leading malls.

  14. Flats you can pack in your bag

    What you need: High-quality, durable flats that can survive the streets of Manila!
    Why you need: For regular days at work when your feet start to hurt from wearing heels, during shopping trips with mom, and when you just don't want to think of what shoes to wear.
    Expect to spend: P2,500 and up

    Try: Yosi Samra flats, Trinoma

  15. A designer dress to wear on your 29th birthday

    What you need: A dress that bids adieu to your defining decade!
    Why you need it: You need something ~*special*~ for your birthday bash before hitting your thirties. Plus, you can wear it many times after!
    Expect to spend: P15,000 and up

    Try: A ruffled polka dot dress that’s feminine, chic, and very age-appropriate. This piece by Charina Sarte is available at charinasarte.com.

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