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Fashion Things You Probably Own (But Shouldn't Anymore)

Giiirl, it's almost 2015.

1. Mullet skirts
The high-low hemline was cool for about 15 minutes, until the cut got really confusing: What are you trying to be—a maxi skirt or a mini skirt? DECIDE, SKIRT, DECIDE!

Replace with: A skirt with an asymmetrical hemline, like this one. Sure, it's kind of a like a mullet skirt, but at least it's slashed to the left, so there's more leg showing. Hence, it elongates your gams, even if you're under 5'3".

2. Sneaker wedges
This is the shoe equivalent of the mullet skirt. So they're heels, but inside sneakers? Designer Isabel Marant made it cool, and then every other shoe store in the world had wedge sneakers, and then it exploded into a million different designs, and now there are too many wedge sneakers. Get rid of them!

Replace with: Running shoes are the new cool shoes, and the thing about them is that you can actually wear them IRL even if they aren't cool anymore. If normcore suddenly goes out of style, you can wear your expensive kicks to the gym, because they were made for the gym!

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3. Jeggings
Admittedly, jeggings were the best, because they looked like jeans, but didn't feel like jeans. Hence, they weren't hot. And removing them at night wasn't such a chore. But then people kept using jeggings as actual pants—pairing them with shirts that didn't cover the buttocks. And that was wrong.

Replace with: Leather leggings. Stores like Mango, Zara, and H&M have a cool assortment of plain, black leggings with leather panels. They're not as hot as you think, because they're not entirely made out of leather. Jeggings are dead, but leggings are eternal! If you don't like leggings, you can try Freego's new Slounge jeans. They feel like office slacks, but look like black denim pants. Also, they lift your butt. So comfy!

4. Statement tees
Or any kind of tee that has a weird quote on them like, "PUNKS NOT DEAD," should die.

Replace with: A printed tee! A V-neck tee! A round neck tee! Anything plain that can go with anything in your closet, please.

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5. Colored jeans
It's not that we don't like them anymore, we kind of still do. But we always say we're going to wear them when we're "in the mood," but truthfully, WE NEVER ARE.

Replace with: They are irreplaceable. /cries

6. Gladiator sandals
Why are women still wearing these things? Also, why are women still wearing these things with leggings? They're very 500 B.C. Gladiator sandals cut your legs, and look overwhelming on girls who have a petite frame. 

Replace with: Nude strappy sandals are cute with skirts. And shorts. And they make your legs look longer.

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