Find The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

We've got lots of options!

Summer is officially here, and we’ll be needing sunglasses more than ever. And with the overwhelming range of shapes and styles to choose from, we’ve come to your rescue by rounding up this list of sunglasses options to help you find your face’s perfect match. Base your features on these celebrities' face shapes—et voila!

1. Round Face Shape

Embrace your full cheeks and rounded chin. Like Angelica Panganiban, you’ve got the right mix of cute and sexy, with your soft, feminine features and barely any strong angles.

Framing Style: Sunglasses with angular lines such as square-ish frames are great for offsetting your round face.

Pastel sunglasses, P1,999, Charles & Keith

Tortoiseshell sunglasses, P990, Ever New

Two-tone sunglasses, P990, Parfois

Tortoiseshell sunglasses, P299.75, SM Accessories

Black sunglasses, P399, Sunnies

2. Square Face Shape

Your defined jawline (a la Anne Curtis) gives your face an angular charm. The sides of your face are straight, while the width and length measure almost the same.

Framing Style: Geometric and angled frames are definitely a no-no. Try rounded shades instead.

Round sunglasses, P1,290, Parfois

Aqua sunglasses, P349.75, SM Accessories

Oversized sunglasses, P1,190, Ever New

White sunglasses, P399, Sunnies

Black sunglasses, P2,199, Charles & Keith


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3. Oblong Face Shape

Like Julia Barretto's, the length of your face is more than its width. Your forehead, cheeks, and chin area have more or less the same width, too.

Framing Style: Go square frames and sunnies with sharp angles and bold lines to create more width for your face.

Black sunglasses, P499, Sunnies

Clear peach sunglasses, P790, Parfois

Aviator sunglasses, P1,290, Ever New

Tortoiseshell sunglasses, P2,199, Charles & Keith

Marbled sunglasses, P399.75, SM Accessories

4. Heart Face Shape

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This face type usually makes you look more feminine, as your chin is quite angular and pointed, and your forehead is slightly wider than your chin. Just look at Bea Alonzo!

Framing Style: Flatter your already beautiful face with aviators, rimless frames, or anything that’s wide at the top.

Marbled sunglasses, P499.75, SM Accessories

Rimless sunglasses, P1,190, Ever New

Black and blush sunglasses, P790, Parfois

Clear sunglasses, P399, Sunnies

Black sunglasses, P1,999, Charles & Keith


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5. Oval Face Shape

This is the most versatile of all! Your forehead and cheeks have almost the same width, but you have a softer chin and a slightly-defined jawline. You and Heart Evangelista share face shapes.

Framing Style: Anything goes, actually! We dare you to try cat-eye shades, geometric frames, or even unconventionally shaped ones!

Clear blue sunglasses, P990, Ever New

Aviator sunglasses, P499, Sunnies

Blush sunglasses, P2,199, Charles & Keith

Geometric sunglasses, P279.75, SM Accessories

Tortoiseshell sunglasses, P990, Parfois

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