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Find The Right Fashion For Your Shape

As we transition to a new season, take the opportunity to shop for new outfits that fit and flatter your figure. Our lookbook will guide you.

Have you ever experienced trying out a new trend you've seen on the runway then ended up getting frustrated upon seeing yourself in mirror? Sure, fashion-savvy ladies need to keep up with the hottest trends of the season, but there's a fine line between looking recent and looking decent. Always keep in mind that a true Cosmo chick loves her body—flaws and all—and knows how to make it work!

So you see, it's all about embracing your curves (or lack of it) and picking a trend that would show off your assets. To help you visualize, click on the gallery now and check out the various outfits we have for every body shape and concern. Use this as your guide on your next shopping trip (with the new season as your excuse!).

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