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Have Nothing-To-Wear Mornings? Here's How To Deal

Just in case, you know, need it.

Some girls have more clothes than they know what to do with, and yet it takes them about 45 minutes just to get dressed. Oh, did we strike a chord? Lighten up—you are not alone—even the "It" girls we follow on Instagram are not safe from the occasional ‘I have nothing to wear’ mornings.

So for those days when you wake up late, all your ‘good’ clothes (and underwear) are dirty, and you just can't even, here are tips to overcome that plight of picking what to wear when "you have nothing to wear." Try what you think is the easiest and start from there—who knows, it might be ~*life-changing*~.

1. Planning ahead is the name of the game. If you don’t want to rush in the morning and still look pretty decent, pick and try on your outfit the night before. While you’re at it, throw in a belt or a necklace, and put everything on a hanger. This buys you time to improve your outfit combo and think of your hair and makeup for the next day.

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2. Too tired (or tamad) to try on outfits at night? Organize your wardrobe into hero pieces on one side and basics on the other. So much effort, huh? But the reality is you need to make time and familiarize yourself with the pieces you own. This setup accomplishes two things. First, you get to do a quick inventory and see if you follow Tito Michael, as in Michael Kors’ (Yes, close kami) rule when it comes to the clothes you own: 70% meat and potatoes, 30% fluff and icing, i.e. bright colors, prints, and accessories. Second, it allows you to quickly see a hero or key piece that you want to wear. Not only will it make getting dressed every morning easy, but it will also make you excited to wear an item you love.

3. Buy in outfits, instead of separates. When you find a top you really like on display, but have no time or strength to mentally go through the pieces hanging in your closet, buy the entire look the top comes with! Take cues from mannequins, campaign ads, and lookbooks. Even online shopping sites have those Editor’s Notes or "Wear It With" suggestions at the bottom. This way you have a complete outfit ready—no more guessing game in the morning. Oh, and aren’t co-ords TDF? Buy at least one of those.

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4. Lastly, and this one’s the hardest—girl, clean out your bursting closet please! Someday you’ll have the walk-in closet of your dreams, but until then, continue to edit the clothes you own. Donate or recycle the items that no longer suit you or your lifestyle, are dated, or are just plain ratty. If you haven’t worn them outside for more than a year straight, chances are you’re not going to. Ever again. Besides, the closet space you regain can be used to house your current (and future) favorites.

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