How To Wear Your Summer Staples For The Rainy Season

Save money while you're at it!

With the rainy season here, it's time to ~effortlessly~ transition your summer wardrobe to be more appropriate for gloomy days. And given how unpredictable our weather can be, it can be quite tricky to pick an outfit breezy enough for the day and get you through the sudden downpour in the evening, too.

You can re-work your summer staples through the rainy season with these formulas. Memorize these to save on prep time and shopping money:

1. Shorts + light layers + sneakers

On days when the forecast says there'll just be a chance of a drizzle, you don't need to go all out with your rain gear. Pile on light layers but stick to a sunny color palette. 

2. Your favorite tropical print top + jeans

You don't need to say goodbye to the shirt you loved to wear all summer just yet. Pair it with jeans so you don't have to worry about your legs getting soaked in the middle of your daily commute! 

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3. Hubadera top + jeans 

Your jeans can also save your hubadera top. It's totally acceptable to still wear it, because we can all agree that it can still get super hot even in the rainy season. 

4. Your favorite item for layering + a black knit top 

Yup, we're giving you the go signal to wear your trusty black knit top with your favorite presko summer staples. 

5. Shorts + an oversized sweater

We know it will never be too cold for puffy jackets and leather pants. Gear up for the unpredictable weather by wearing your comfiest shorts with a laid-back sweater. 

6. Summer dress + sneakers

Summer dresses? Check! For this season, pair them with your trusty sneakers to protect your feet. 

7. Shirt + skirt + a bright-colored bomber + boots

There will surely be days when it'll rain hard and you'll find yourself in sticky situations, literally and physicallyhaving a hard time booking a ride or stuck with no other option than to walk and commute. It's best to be stylishly ready.

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8. Year-round denims

Now here's a bonus: Your denim-on-denim OOTD can be worn during the rainy season, too. Go for a loose chambray top over a cotton shirt, so you can easily adjust to the weather and take off your denim jacket any time.

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