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Jasmine Curtis-Smith On Fashion, Makeup, And What It's Like To Have A Style Icon For A Sister

The young actress is fast becoming a fashionista in her own right, and she has her Ate Anne Curtis to thank! Get to know Jasmine and her personal style in this interview.

Jasmine Curtis-SmithWe've heard celebs declare that it's tough being in the spotlight, but it must be even harder when your big sister is a big star and style icon like Anne Curtis. Still, 17-year-old Jasmine Curtis-Smith is set to follow in her ate's footsteps, as she takes on her first TV lead role opposite heartthrob JC De Vera in TV's first aksyon-serye Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum and a major fashion endorsement for Bayo, joining the ranks of KC Concepcion.

But, she's quickly proving herself to be more than just "Anne's sister," as her showbiz projects and endorsements continue to increase. She is also learning more about the industry everyday--and that includes learning how to deal with the pressure of living up to people's expectations, given what her sister has accomplished, both in showbiz and fashion.

We met Jasmine at the press launch for her show at the Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong City, where we got to talk to the rising star about all things beauty and fashion, including her beauty essentials, Anne's style tips, and what she wears when she commutes (yes, she takes the MRT!). Read on for our exclusive interview.

What are your makeup essentials?

Well, I cannot live without face moisturizer. I also love mascara and lipstick--those are two things I would pick out of anything else. A lot of people tell me I don't need to put that much foundation on, so as much as possible I don't para 'di masira 'yung skin.

What's your favorite lipstick shade?

I like MAC's Candy Yum Yum and Please Me. Those are my two favorites--I actually stole my ate's Please Me MAC lipstick! Well, I didn't steal it, she left it behind in Australia, and I just haven't returned it 'cause she hasn't asked for it. So as much as possible, I want to keep it for myself. (Laughs.)

Tell us about your personal style.

I go with my mood or what I feel like putting on. I don't have a specific sense of style--or maybe I just haven't figured it out yet. I know I'm more tomboyish when I dress. From time to time I have to dress up really girly, but I don't mind it. I like the feeling of being glamorous sometimes.

What are your favorite things in your closet?

I have a sheer long-sleeved top from StyleBreak. It was a gift from my friend Laureen [Uy] who owns StyleBreak. I have these sequined shorts that ate used to own, well, okay, again I took it from her wardrobe. I have this jacket and it has fringes from my left arm right through my other arm at the back lang, and it's beige and it's kind of a crop jacket--it's cute 'cause it's kind of cowboyish. What else? Definitely a tank top in any color kasi it's easy to wear and goes with anything.

What kind of shoes do you like?

I'm really a flats girl. I love heels but I'm not one who can wear it every single day. I love flats, I think they're the most adorable things, and they're so comfortable at the same time. I think they're perfect.

What fashion items do you really splurge on?

When it comes to buying dresses, I'd rather buy a dress that's worth its price than a dress that I think is okay lang and cheap. I save up for dresses, [but] they're not like designer dresses yet--someday they will be! And also jackets kasi it's so cold in Australia. Those are two things that I really save up for.

How different is your style from Anne's?

She's got that sense of how things go together; she's more natural at it. Whereas me, I have to ask how people think a certain outfit looks. I'm not yet confident with how I style myself. So it's not so much the style [that we differ on], but it's how confident we are with how we look or how we put together an outfit.

Does she ever give you fashion or styling tips?

Yeah, everyday! Every day I wake up and I wear something, and even if she doesn't say anything, I can feel her looking at me and judging what I wear. (Laughs.) I brush it off na lang. Before, I used to be like, "Why? What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Minsan she'll be like, "Oh, wala," and she'll do a sad face. And I'm like, "Oh my gosh, I'm wearing something wrong or may 'di bagay!" I want to change something, but I wouldn't know what it is. Now, if she sees something that's wrong or she doesn't like, she tells me. But sometimes, I defend myself kasi I want to wear it, e, bakit ba? Mind your own sense of style, this is me! (Laughs.)

What fashion tips from Anne have you really taken to heart?

Well, for one, to make sure that what I wear is age appropriate. I can dress it up every now and then, but I make sure that it's not constantly way above my age. It makes you look so much older when you're so young, and when you're old na you'll wish you were young and you dress as if you're young, and then you look bad. So parang nagkakasalisihan 'yung fashion style mo.

Also, that the biggest things that I should really invest in are shoes and bags. Kasi clothes can wear and tear very easily, but when it comes to shoes and bags, it's something na pwede mo talagang alagaan in a way na you can preserve it for the long run. You can pass it on to people, and it's very easy to sell if other people want to buy it. I can see that that's what she's really investing in when it comes to fashion, so one day I hope na may collection din ako katulad ng kanya.

Do you ever feel pressured to be stylish, since you have a local fashion icon for a sister?

Yeah, it's a really big aspect of my life. I feel very pressured kasi halos lahat ng friends ni ate, they're my friends also, but whenever we hang out I feel like, "Oh my gosh, what if I look so bad next to them?" kasi they all know fashion like the back of their hands. And for me, it's something that I love looking at, I love hearing about, pero I'm not that smart [about] yet. There's definitely pressure there, but I don't take it to heart kasi it's just fashion for me.

We heard you rode the MRT recently--was that the first time?

No, I used to ride the MRT with the people who lived with us and our housekeepers. I used to ride it with them to get to places when I was 8 or 6 years old, so there is nothing new for me there. I don't find it weird, I don't find it jologs. Sa akin naman, hindi siya issue unless the people make it an issue, kasi pare-pareho lang naman kami, it's just that magkaiba 'yung trabaho namin. 'Yun lang talaga ang pinagkaiba ko sa mga taong usually nag-e-MRT. I think people shouldn't find it weird na nag-MRT kami ni ate kasi it's just transportation, and we want to take public transportation sometimes. Why not? Cheaper naman, 'di ba? Save money as much as you can.

What would you consider a commute-friendly outfit?

For me, as long as it's not baring too much skin. 'Pag may naririnig kang stories about rape or kidnap, feeling ko, doon 'yan nagsisimula. Parang na-attract sila sa'yo kasi you're showing so much skin or masyado kang sexy. So for me, dress appropriately in ways that show just the right amount of skin. I usually wear leggings tapos T-shirt 'pag mag-e-MRT kasi that's how I usually dress din naman on a daily basis. Kahit magsho-shorts ka, basta hindi siya 'yung dangkal shorts (laughs) kasi masyadong maiksi 'yun, masyadong skin ang pinapakita mo sa legs mo. Baka magasgas ka pa o marumihan--doble price to pay.

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With reports from Trixie Reyna

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