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All The Stylish Things To Pack For A Trip To Jeju Island

OOTD-, selca-, and oppa-ready!
PHOTO: Instagram/kyo1122

We’re going to Jeju Island! Yes, you read that right. Thanks to the new e-visa policy that will be implemented in the second half of this year, what used to be real only in K-dramas and We Got Married episodes can finally become a dream come true for all of us fans!

And because you’re probably all too excited to be actually planning and preparing at this point, we went ahead and listed down all the essentials you should definitely bring with you to Jeju Island—all inspired by our favorite K-girls, of course!

1. An oppa-approved tried-and-tested look

Remember Song Hye Kyo in Descendants of the Sun? She was always sartorially ready for whatever adventure she’d have to go through with her Big Boss of a bae, be it a sudden attack on the field where they ended up rolling around the grass, or running through the sandy shore.

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You can kind of expect the same thing for Jeju Island, because there will certainly be a lot of outdoor walking, running, and even trekking there. So we recommend a simple powder blue shirt dress (never fails!) that you most probably have in your closet already, or a sleeveless top with jeans. Wearing pastels is key, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll look when you start sweating!

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2. Your go-to sunnies

That e-visa policy came in at the right time because May is the perfect month to visit the island, and June onward is the summer season—but still, you’ll never know. Maybe your hair will fail you after a sudden drizzle or your makeup might not cooperate in the way you expected. In cases like these, your sunglasses (bring the pair you’ve always relied on!) will be your lifesaver.

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3. A fab phone case

You’re surely gonna be taking lots of photos and selcas—so make the most out of it! If you’re going for a spring look to match the ~Jeju vibe~ or would like to bring oppa with you wherever you go (that is, have your fave idol/actor's face plastered on the case), there are many local brands that can do that for you!

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4. A kyeopta (aka "cute") bag

Every item that’s part of your OOTD should be perf to the last detail. So we recommend bringing a statement-making one, which will be the highlight of your otherwise basic look. Or you can opt for a convenient tote for stuffing everything in (your cash, museum tickets, little snack packs, etc.), as long as it coordinates well with your outfit.

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5. A trendy, multi-purpose beach towel

If you’re as kulit as Lee Sung Kyung and would like to sit down wherever and whenever you feel like it, it’s best to do it in a fashionable manner. Who knows: You might spontaneously go café hopping or embark on a long museum tour and would need to rest your legs ATM.

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6. A super floral outfit

Okay let’s be honest, we ALL want to have a photo like Kim Yoo Jung in Love in the Moonlight! And when you say Jeju, we immediately think: flower fields! But while it might be far-fetched to do so in a hanbok, we think the fashionable way to do it is to look as floral as possible. That, plus your baon poses, will surely result in the most daebak photos!

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7. Durable but stylish shoes

Aside from maintaining their seemingly poreless skin, another thing that Korean girls are great at is mastering the art of tiis ganda. Notice how they walk in heels, even when they’re just out running errands or even while on vacation. Makes sense, though, because you might just bump into a tall and handsome oppa-to-be! But if you’re the type who really can’t take the added height, there are thankfully a lot of great sneaker alternatives that will go just as well with your dainty OOTD!

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8. A beach hat for that instant-chic fix

As we’ve been saying, your trip to Jeju Island will involve A LOT of activities. (Although of course, you’re free to sit pretty the entire time and just take in the view!) Trust us, a beach hat will always come in handy. See how this photo of Ha Ji Won in a Mickey Mouse tee looks all the more fancy because of her hat!

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9. Emergency rain gear—because you can never be too prepared

Yes, we did keep mentioning that it’s summer in Jeju. But enough experience in the Philippines has already trained us for the unpredictable weather. So, just in case!

10. Gear for both the mountains and the beach

While packing, you might say to yourself that you’ll be satisfied with sight-seeing, but the moment you reach Jeju Island, you might just change your mind! Your best bet is to bring gear that can withstand almost everything, be it your #struggleisreal mountain trek or your short but sweet beach escape.

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11. Your travel-friendly skincare

Just because you’ll be outdoors most of the time doesn’t mean you should forget about skincare! We all want to be as young-looking as Sandara, don’t we? While you can tone down on makeup (less is better outdoors, actually) while you’re in Jeju, it’s still important to bring the essentials with you: a two-in-one lip and cheek tint and sunscreen!

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12. Your camera as accessory

Instead of taking photos with your awesome cam, you usually end up taking photos of it. And that’s totally normal. Consider it the obligatory turista accessory you’ll be taking to Jeju with you.

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