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10 Laundry Care Tips You Should Never Ignore

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The care tags on our clothes are there for a reason, and while we’re so tempted to just dump everything in the washing machine, the ~adult~ decision is to keep these seemingly unimportant laundry care tips in mind.

  1. Delicates are delicates.

    Don’t even think of dumping in your panties together with the rest of the pack! It seems harmless at first, but the washing machine isn’t really meant to be gentle and sweet. It will only ruin the elastic bands of your undies. Wash them by hand and never put them in the dryer.

  2. Take the sorting part seriously.

    The sorting rule does not only apply to white and de-color. Also group according to fabric care. For example, you can wash all delicate pieces together and all your pantulog together.

  3. Hang with care.

    When hanging your dress shirts to dry, remember to match the shirt’s shoulder length with that of the hanger, so you don’t stretch or create unsightly marks on the fabric.

  4. Use fabric conditioner as you please!

    Fabric conditioners are your BFF—their *magic* formula saves you time and effort, not only with machine washing, but with hand-washing, too.

  5. Denim rules still apply.

    ICYDK, it’s okay to wear your jeans for up to three times before washing. But another way to ~preserve~ your denim is to turn it inside out before putting it in the machine to protect its color. 

    If it’s ripped or distressed, put it in a mesh bag first, so the loose threads and the holes don’t tangle or get caught in anything in the machine.

  6. Deal with the pain of stains—ASAP!

    Immediately. Like right now.

  7. Dry clean only and nothing but.

    If the tag says “dry clean only” then by all means, follow it and don’t even attempt to machine-wash and regret it later.

  8. Memorize the laundry symbols by heart.

    Or at least have an easily accessible copy that explains what these mean. Here's a quick guide we made:

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  9. Know your knits.

    The general rule with knits is really to hand-wash them and lay them down to dry. There are a few that are an exception to the rule, but you should remember to still use the machine’s “wool cycle” when washing them.

  10. 100% cotton entails 100% TLC.

    We looove 100% cotton, but do know that 100% cotton also means that it’ll most likely ~bleed~ in the first few washes and it’s more prone to shrinking or stretching in the laundry.

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