Lingerie Guide: Be Stylishly Sexy Inside And Out

Make him absolutely smitten with your carefully planned wardrobe, check. Now be sure you're as fashionably equipped in the bedroom as you are for dates.
So you've managed to make your guy fall head over heels in love with you with your carefully planned date outfits coupled with your knack for interesting conversation. That mission is accomplished. Now that you and your man are ready to take your relationship to the next level, just how fashionably-equipped are you?

Looking for the perfect dress can be just as hard as picking the most suited undergarment. Not one to be taken for granted, every Cosmo chick should invest in great-looking, good quality lingerie. Not only must they look sexy (whether they're underneath your clothes or when you strip down to them), they should also provide the right kind of support and, if need be, contouring for you.

Lucky for our generation, we could bid traditional binds and painfully bulky girdles goodbye. Different lines of contouring and body-shaping underwear are readily available in the market. You can now find pieces that do not only provide support and define silhouettes, they also look feminine, fashionable, and sexy, and are easy to incorporate into any outfit.

Check out our gallery for some pieces you may want to try from Sassybax (available at Hot Pink Lingerie in Powerplant Mall), Avon, and House of Vanita.
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