Lucky Colors To Wear On CNY Based On Your Animal Sign

Other than red.
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Here’s how you can score style points and points for luck throughout 2018. Check out the colors you should be wearing, according to your animal sign:


Get fashionably lucky with all-white OOTDs or cool hues like lemon green and blue.


Fill your closet with fiery colors such as yellow, apple green, and red.

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Neutrals such as light gray, beige, and brown are lucky options. Adding a hint of color like cyan blue will do you good, too.


Yellow, green, turquoise, and black are your lucky colors. Mix and match and color-block, or wear one color from head to toe.

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Bring light into your life and wardrobe with white, gold, yellow, and pink.


Channel wood and water elements chicly in turquoise, green, brown, and black.


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All your lucky colors this year can actually be worn together: white, cyan, moss green, and pink.


From accessories to silk tops, choose Prussian blue, white, beige, and yellow.

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Can’t help look fierce with military green, white, and orange-red as your lucky colors!


Keep it low-key but fashionable as always. Cobalt blue, beige, brown, and black are cool water and wood colors that’ll bring luck on your side.

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Stay positive and cheery all year long and let your daily fashion choices be reflective of your mood with bright, summery hues such as sky blue, beige, and yellow.


This year is all about uncomplicated fashion. Look simply polished in yellow, green, white, and black.

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