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Thanks To Marian Rivera, We're Inspired To Wear More Dresses In 2021

So pretty!
PHOTO: Instagram/marianrivera

Dresses are just so easy to wear. You probably heard this many times, but we won't stop saying it. You don't need to think about if your top will go well with your pants or if your outfit will look cohesive. You simply slip on a dress and you're done. One celeb who's a fan of dresses is Marian Rivera.

A quick glance at her feed and you'll have a hint that Marian's closet is bursting with pretty dresses. From breezy maxi dresses to feminine floral frocks, she's got them. She's your gal in case you need more convincing that you need to fall in love with dresses again. Since most of us are still working from home, this could be your go-to outfit choice. You can look and feel good while you meet deadlines from the comfort of your bedroom.

Below, we gathered our favorite looks from Marian:

All The Times Marian Rivera Inspired Us To Wear Dresses

This Blue and White Floral Dress

We love the tiny bow detail on the puff sleeves!

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Marian Rivera wearing a blue and white floral dress.
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This Old Rose Maxi Dress

The style looks so comfy and it looks great on different body types.

Marian Rivera wearing an old rose maxi dress.
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This Rust-Colored Maxi Dress

Oh, this color looks promising, too!

Marian Rivera wearing a maxi dress.

This Dress with Tiny Prints

We think this look is perfect for the office or a brunch date with your girls.

Marian Rivera wearing a white dress.
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This Blue Tie-Dye Checkered Dress

A tent dress like this is so comfy and breezy to wear.

Marian Rivera fixing a floral bouquet.

This Yellow Puff-Sleeve Dress

We love this low-key twinning moment with her daughter Zia.

Marian Rivera with Zia Dantes
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This Multi-Color Floral Dress

A dress with a unique style will be a nice addition to your wardrobe.

Marian Rivera wearing a floral dress.

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