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5 Neutral Outfit Combos To Wear If You're Not A Fan Of Color

Who says neutrals are boring?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/marijasmine, (RIGHT) Instagram/tgosingtian

Just when you thought neutral colors like black, white, beige, brown and such are boring ways to dress—think again. Truth be told, neutrals actually make your life easier. Think: Less colors to play with, less room for mistakes. (Also, more opportunity to amp up your beauty looks with bold lips or sparkly eyes or to bring on your most structured accessories to look even more sleek and chic.)

Below, five style stars who are pros at neutral dressing and what to learn from them:

  1. Tricia Gosingtian: mixing neutrals

    The trick: Wear similarly hued neutrals together. In outfit one, Tricia Gosingtian pairs together dove grays and beige; while in outfit two, it's black, whites, and grays. Not only does she look so put together in both, the combination's quite easy to pull off, too! Accessorize with neutral colored bags and earrings, then add a pop of color with your makeup.

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    The essentials: A structured bag and pair of shoes that match in shade! It’ll make such a difference and a major impact on your neutral-on-neutral look.

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  2. Kim Jones: Basic white undershirt + oversized coat look

    The trick: Kim Jones has always been a proponent of androgynous dressing (she borrows shirts from her husband!) and one of her staples is the long coat (you know, the type you can only wear in legit colder weather overseas!). Paired with the basic white shirt or tank top every woman should have, it gives her room to play with a mix of textures, silhouettes, and a surprise accessory. Not to mention the most stand out haircut and neutral white-blonde color, too.

    The essentials: A well-tailored blazer, white tees galore, and structured bottoms that may or may not coordinate with the blazer.

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  3. Martine Cajucom: Textured nudes

    The trick: From her brand to herself, Martine Cajucom is clearly, obviously a fan of nudes. If she isn't in a hubadera ensemble, she's wearing super tight-fitting, body-hugging clothes. She shakes up her nudes by mixing it up with an overload of texture, such as leather on leather or furry fringes.

    The essentials: Hard-to-wear pieces like strappy shoes, tight skirts that are difficult to move in, delicate tops. In short, the more tiis ganda it feels, the higher the possibility that you’re doing it right!

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  4. Mari Jasmine: Black over white

    The trick: The formula is no-fail and Mari Jasmine has clearly learned that it makes her life better. Be it on travels or off-days, she can utilize the black top and white trousers combo any day, any time. And it works so effortlessly well, too! Be it a slouchy sweater or a basic t-shirt, high-waist pants or mom jeans, the predictability of it all is quite the point of her every b&w outfit.

    The essentials: Other than a healthy pile of white bottoms and black tops, also invest in classic footwear in black.

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  5. Isabelle Daza: Browns and khakis

    The trick: Co-ords, onesies, and pajamas in neutrals, khakis, and browns make an Isabelle Daza daily uniform. It's been her style ever since! Monochrome outfits in khaki or brown look clean, sleek, simple, and easy.

    The essentials: Ready outfits in a single neutral-color spectrum that match!

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