Park Min Young's Jewelry As Kim Mi So + How Much It Costs

BRB, saving up.
PHOTO: Instagram/pmyfanclub

If you're caught up on What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?, then you know that Kim Mi So is lightly teased about how she repeats outfits. But in her defense, when you work for a perfectionist, most of your time goes into making sure everything else is in order. Still, we love her chic and polished look.

Though she does repeat a lot of her clothes, Mi So pairs her outfits with all kinds of accessories. Let's take a look. 


Price: KRW230,000 (P11,000); Click here to buy. 

STONEHENGE P1163 earrings

Price: KRW243,000 (P11,600). Click here to buy. 

HAESOO.L JE1209 earrings

Price: KRW42 (P2,230). Click here to buy. 


Price: $795 (P42,300). Click here to buy. 

STONEHENGE K0404 earrings

Price: KRW193,000 (P9,300). Click here to buy. 

STONEHENGE K1223 necklace

Price: KRW158,000 (P7,500). Click here to buy. 

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