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15 Cute Pink Outfits To Try When You Can Finally Dress Up Again

Add color to your life.

Dressing up? What a concept!

We're still in stay-in szn because of the pandemic. And we're all looking forward to the days when we can go out and finally dress up again. Pre-2020 us, we go online, look for inspo, and mix and match clothes for a fun Friday night or a chill Saturday brunch date. Now, we just dream and plan outfits in our heads whenever we open our closets.

If you're still looking for outfit inspo for the future version of yourself, we highly recommend that you try wearing more of the color pink! It is said to be a shade that is associated with femininity, calmness, kindness, and love. A pink outfit can give off ~good vibes~ and will make you look *so cute*! 

Convinced? Check out the cutest pink outfit ideas we found online, from casual to party-ready!

15 Cute Pink Outfit Ideas You Should Consider When You Can Finally Dress Up Again

  1. White button-down blouse + pastel pink skirt + black satchel + white strappy sandals

    A sophisticated and casual look thatl you can wear from day to night.

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    Pink Outfit Idea: Vern Enciso
  2. Black turtleneck + hot pink shirt + black shorts + black and pink sneakers

    What a cutie!

    Pink Outfit Idea: AC Bonifacio
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  3. Salmon off-shoulder top + white denim skirt

    A feminine and fresh look perfect for summer.

    Pink Outfit Idea: Alexa Ilacad
  4. Fuchsia zebra-print square-neck puff-sleeve top + denim shorts + solitaire gem necklace + fuchsia camera bag

    The boldness of this outfit is beyond the roof!

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  5. Pink and white corset top + jeans

    Accentuate your curves with a corset top and skinny jeans.

    Pink Outfit Idea: Heart Evangelista
  6. Taffy pink asymmetrical top + white trousers + pale green mini bag + brown strappy sandals

    This outfit reminds us of the dango emoji!

    Pink Outfit Idea: Mari Jasmine
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  7. Old rose cloche hat + baby pink cardigan + baby pink leather backpack + jeans

    We love how this pink outfit matches the cherry blossoms.

    Pink Outfit Idea: Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK
  8. Tango pink bomber jacket + tango pink floral maxi dress

    An outfit you can wear both in the city and at the beach.

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  9. Cotton candy pink striped wrap dress + bejeweled pointed heels

    A dress and a pair of sparkly heels = a timeless outfit combination.

    Pink Outfit Idea: KC Concepcion
  10. Black + bustier top + magenta trousers

    Every element of this look is a :100:!

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  11. Light pink tweed blazer + white crop top + hot pink jeans + black bow barrette + pearl hoop earrings

    Sharp but cute!

    Pink Outfit Idea: Irene Kim
  12. White linen blazer + Spanish pink trousers + delicate gold necklaces + powder blue mini bag

    Play with different textures.

    Pink Outfit Idea: Aimee Song
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  13. Bright pink crop top + magenta trousers + black sunnies + black nylon baguette bag + black printed sneakers

    Deep contrasting hues like magenta and black make a winning outfit.

    Pink Outfit Idea: Rei Germar
  14. Bright pink blazer + black trousers + black crossbody bag

    An alternative outfit to dresses that you can wear to weddings

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    Pink Outfit Idea: Sarah Lahbati
  15. Sequinned halter top + bright pink satin trousers

    Time to party!

    Pink Outfit Idea: Jess Wilson
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