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10 *Cool* Items To Add To Your Closet To Score The Y2K Fashion Aesthetic

Time to dress like the early aughts!
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Fashion has a ~cyclical~ nature. While there are some trends we're glad aren't going to be making a comeback anytime soon (looking at you, low-waist jeans and wedge sneakers), there is one particular trend that is popular again that we're happy about. Introducing: Y2K fashion. You might have seen your favorite celebs and influencers wear clothing and accessories that seem straight out of your fave show from the early 2000s, and trust us, it's not difficult to achieve at all.

When you think of Y2K fashion, images of rhinestone-encrusted baby tees and animal print baguette bags come to mind. Well, you'll be glad to know that they have been given a much-needed 2021 update. If you don't know where to start, we created this handy cheat sheet that discusses everything you need from tops, bottoms, and even accessories! Keep on scrolling to learn more:

Items You Need To Score The Y2K Fashion Aesthetic

  1. Lace-trimmed camisole tops

    These delicate tops trimmed with lace were usually reserved as nighties, but in 2021, you can wear them however and whenever you want! You can choose to don them on their own or on top of a white tee if you're feeling a bit shy.

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  2. Baby tees

    Trust us, baby tees are a MUST for any Y2K-inspired outfit. You get ~*bonus*~ points if they're decorated with rhinestones or if they have designs like flowers or angels on them for that quintessential early aughts vibes.

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  3. Pleated skirts

    We love pleated skirts (aka tennis skirts) for their versatility—you can wear them with literally any top you can think of. Don't be limited with just a plain print, though. There are tons of online shops that sell them in gingham, florals, plaid, and more!

  4. Baggy jeans

    Okay, we are so glad baggy jeans are popular again because that means we can let our skinny jeans retire to the back of our closet. Not only are they roomier, but you also won't have a hard time *peeling* them off of your legs.

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  5. Baguette bags

    Another Y2K staple, baguette bags come in many different prints and designs. You can say goodbye to sore shoulders caused by big, heavy bags because these slim bags force you to only carry the essentials: Your phone, alcohol, wallet, ID, keys, and your go-to lipstick. 

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  6. Chunky shoes

    For the last year or so, we've been obsessing over chunky platforms and sandals—they just really seal the deal on our 2000s-inspired outfits. Luckily, you don't have to search far and wide for a good pair. We did the work for you—check out the list of our best finds right here!

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  7. Bandana

    A bandana is one accessory that's worth keeping in your closet. Thanks to its versatility, you can wear it on your head to keep your hair away from your face or as a top if you're feeling a little ~bold~. (Make sure to wear nipple covers for a seamless and comfortable fit!)

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  8. Snap clips

    If you don't feel like wearing a bandana on your head, you can keep your hair away from your face with the help of some snap clips. You can choose to only use one color for a ~monochromatic moment~ or a ton of colorful ones to keep things fun.

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  9. Beaded jewelry

    One of the things we've been noticing on our feeds lately is the abundance of beaded jewelry. Yep, the cute friendship bracelets you used to make and exchange with your friends back in the day just got a whole lot cooler! There are a ton of them available online, too—from rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even face mask holders!

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  10. Clay or acrylic rings

    Another Y2K accessory we can't possibly leave out from this list is clay or acrylic rings. They come in all sorts of designs and are usually vibrant and chunky—in fact, the chunkier, the better! Want in on this trend? Check out our list of online shops that sell them here.

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