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Shoe DIY: Cap Toe Flats

Who needs a new pair of ballet flats when you can totally revamp your old ones?

Think your ballet flats are getting blah? We've got an easy way to spruce 'em up for the holidays!

You'll only need a couple of things: a pair of flats, masking tape, lots of newspaper, and spray paint. (P.S. It's best to get metallic paint, if you want your shoes to look glittery. But there are neon colors available, too.)

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 Wrap your shoes with masking tape—covering the middle and the side of the sole. It should look like this:


 Wrap the opposite side with lots and lots and lots of newspaper!

Now the fun part: Spray, spray, spray!

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Once the paint dries, remove the newspaper and masking tape—and ta-da! You've got a new pair of cap-toe flats.

Fancy, huh? They're perfect for the holidays, too!