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How To Wear Socks With Heels, As Seen On Anne Curtis

Cute is what we aim for.
PHOTO: Instagram/annecurtissmith

Socks and heels? Yes, socks and heels. Surprise, surprise, they’re back together and Anne Curtis is one fashionista who’s pushing the trend forward. Well, why not, when it adds *instant* kyeopta appeal and makes wearing heels a lot more comfortable, too?

Here, all the socks-and-heels tips to learn from her:

  1. Try the trick on your most difficult-to-wear heel.

    A stiletto heel and a pointy-toe? Ouchhh. Or not, when you’re wearing socks with them! Easily coordinate your look by matching the color of your socks with your top, too.

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  2. Pair lace socks with ~*sparkly*~ shoes.

    When you want to keep it classic, but also want to add a playful touch to your look, do as Anne’s black-and-white (and silver!) outfit.

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  3. Go matchy-matchy with your accessories.

    Anne goes for a ~nautical vibe~ here, donning red and blue stripes on both her hat and her socks. Wearing white sports socks with a peep-toe, platform-heeled pump isn’t such a bad idea, too.

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  4. Stick to only two color tones.

    Here, Anne sticks to a strictly red and white color palette. The result? A fresh, retro chic outfit.

  5. Choose an elegant heel.

    This works especially when you’re wearing the trend on dressier occasions. Paired with a dress that’s as glamorous as Anne’s, a simple two-strap heel and cotton socks makes for a balance of cute and chic!

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