Cute is what we aim for.
Socks and heels? Yes, socks and heels. Surprise, surprise, they're back together and Anne Curtis is one fashionista who's pushing the trend forward. Well, why not, when it adds *instant* kyeopta appeal and makes wearing heels a lot more comfortable,
We’re in love with every pair.
Move over, bulky, chunky mandals. These days, the most stylish people are moving on to thinner-strapped sandals, and from the looks of it, the daintier it is, the better.Thinking of getting yourself a pair now? Below are the styles to
You can't go wrong with any of these classic styles.
A shoe has evolved into much more than just protective footwear. It's an expression of style, and for some, a coveted design piece.Here we round up the most iconic pairs of designer shoes of all time.The Pigalle Pump
Perfect for every day!
Stop traffic in these ultra-flattering, barely-there pairs. From pointy-toe to chunky soles, these nude heels promise you mile-long legs with minimal effort.What tiis ganda? Low-heeled and stacked are the answer to added height, minus the back
Easiest hack ever!
Give those trusty old office shoes an upgrade with this simple hack! [youtube:{"videoId":"54","youtubeId":"Vi3g7NCkA2o", "caption":""}]VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Happy Lopez VIDEO SHOT BY:  Jean Saturnino, Trina ElefanteVIDEO EDITED BY: Jean SaturninoFollow Happy on Instagram.
She's basically balancing on sculptures.
While you were happy crying over Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's adorable red carpet reunion, I was busy hyperventilating over Selena's feet.JUST LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!It's like a sculpture under each heel! And what
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