IG-Worthy Earrings To Elevate Your Selfies

The summer accessory du jour!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/undoclothing, (RIGHT) Instagram/roryandsloan

There are four factors to consider when taking the perfect selfie this summer: Amazing lighting (of course!), flawless skin, great hair, and a pair of earrings that packs a punch. From minimalist beauties to colorful stand outs, take your pick from our list below.

The perfect summer earrings. 

Martini earrings, P549, Neon Island

This pair will make any minimalist girl’s heart flutter!

Hairpin hook, P1,890, Nami

Remember: Yellow is having its moment.

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Teardrop earrings, P995, Zara

This gold filled pair is an economical (not to mention more stylish) alternative to solid gold.

Wrecking ball ear threads, P2,500, Heart and Bolt

They have it in all colors perfect for every occasion.

Olsen earrings, P1,550, Rory and Sloan

A metallic twist to the floral earring craze.

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Flower shaped earrings, P499, H&M

Go for unique pieces that will make people go “where did you buy those?”

Mixed pendant earrings, P1,295, Mango

Try this pair instead of your normal hoops.

Ren earrings, P5,000, Stockton Row

Who says minimalist metal can’t be fun?

Lafayette earrings, P895, Undo

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How about a different take on last year’s mega hit fringe?

Michiko in Blue, P1,250, Lily

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