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18 Statement Earrings That Aren’t Tassel

Not a fringe in sight.

Time to take your tassels away and let your beads and gemstones see the light of day.
Here are fringe-free ways to make your #OOTD a notch ~extra~.

  1. Fun and games

    When it comes to statement pieces, you can never really go overboard with intricate details and lots of color. The bolder, the better.

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    Handcrafted earrings, P2,250, Seek The Uniq

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    Sunburst dangling earrings, P800, Whim

  2. Less is more

    Minimalist earrings are the low-key way to make a statement. 

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    Drop earrings with hoops, P2,650, Heyjow

    18k yellow gold earrings, P2,495, Ram Jewelry

  3. Nature’s best

    The *fab* way to get closer to nature.

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    Coral earrings, P680, Lily

    Insect earrings, P800, Neptune

  4. Strings attached

    Yes, you can ~layer~ your earrings, too. Tap into your inner bohemian in these multi-length pairs.

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    Earthy drop earrings, P2,750, Heyjow

    Multi-layered earrings, P600, Neptune

  5. Drop the ball

    Not just for Christmas trees—fancy balls look merry and bright on your ears, too!

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    Cobalt blue ball drop earrings, P1,550, Rory & Sloan

    Sequin-wrapped yellow ball earrings, P800, Neptune

  6. Conversation starters

    Aside from leveling up your look, quirky accessories spare you from moments of awkward silence or when you’re scrambling to think of something to say.

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    Peaches earrings, P950, Lily

    Lips and lipstick earrings, P1,150, Rory & Sloan

  7. In the mod

    A nod to the swinging sixties, these mod-inspired earrings add instant hip appeal.

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    Two-tone geometric earrings, P690, Seek The Uniq

    Multi-element earrings, P400, Neptune

  8. Sticks and stones

    The classic choice: a gemstone for luck or one that represents your birth month.

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    Caramel earrings, P950, Whim

    Teardrop crystal earrings, P2,650, Heyjow

  9. Tropical floral

    Because true tropical ladies like you can’t resist putting a flower (or a pair!) on your ears!

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    Tangerine floral earrings, P900, Whim

    Daisy earrings with crystals, P3,495, Ram Jewelry

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