7 Best Style Tips We Learned From Sue Ramirez

She's one fashionable lady, after all!
PHOTO: Instagram/sueannadoodles

While she always wows us with her trendy hair transformations and spot-on beauty looks, it’s Sue Ramirez’s style that never fails to catch our attention. She’s always reinventing herself, knows what works for her, and shows a lot of confidence while at it!

Here are style tips to learn from Sue:

  1. First things first: know your body type and find clothes that make you feel good.

    For Sue, she’s often seen in high-waist bottoms and bustier tops—simply because it suits her so well!

  2. Rule #2: Flaunt your best assets.

    This smock strapless dress on Sue is a timeless summer piece that's décolletage-baring and figure-flattering.

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  3. ~*Proportionize!*~ 

    Okay, that's not a real word, buuuut in this case: A bare midriff leads the gaze on the waist, breaks the monotone, and makes your curves stand out.

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  4. Don’t be afraid to wear clothes that hug your body—you’ve got every reason to!

    As demonstrated by Sue, you’re sure to look mighty fine.

  5. As for prints, Sue is often seen in cute and dainty floral, and avoids patterns that can be too loud or overwhelming.

  6. You can always ~bare~ other parts of your body, too—your shoulders, arms, etc.

    In Sue’s case, it’s all of the above.

  7. Final tip: A monochrome look won’t fail you as it brings attention to your perfect silhouette.

    Take cues from Sue and choose a jumpsuit that’s structured and body-skimming, cinched at the waist, and reveals a square neckline. So gorgeously sexy, yet so chic!

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