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Stylish Girls On Outfits They Want To See Their Guy Wearing

It's date season! So, at a fashion show for Levi's, Cosmo asked the chic gals we spotted about their fashion wish list for men.

Who says we ladies are the only ones who have to worry about what we'll wear on Valentine's Day? Men need to look darn good, too! They don't need to sport the latest trends; they just need to look put together and confident, even in a simple t-shirt-and-jeans outfit (although, of course, this isn't exactly what we want them to wear on date night, is it?).

Just as we have different styles and taste in men, we also have varying preferences for our guy's ideal porma. So, at a Levi’s Curve ID fashion show, we asked the fashionable ladies we spotted in the audience what getup they want to see on their men. Browse our gallery to see their answers and outfits, and find out how your taste compares.

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