The High Heel Hack Every Cosmo Girl Should Know

The High Heel Hack Every Cosmo Girl Should Know

You only need a Band-Aid!

High heels are a pain, but there's a shoe hack you can do to make them comfier.

Here's what you do: Use a Band-Aid to to tape your third and fourth toe together, counting from your big toe. Weird, huh?

Apparently, there's a nerve that's found in between those toes, and that nerve gets enlarged every time you wear ill-fitting shoes or heels. Taping the third and fourth toe together puts less strain on that nerve, so walking in heels becomes so much more bearable!

This works if you're wearing closed shoes, because the Band-Aids won't be seen. If you're planning to dance in open-toed heels the whole night, switch to nude medical tape. Trust us, no one will notice!

Have you tried this shoe hack? Let us know by sounding off below!

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