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Things You Should Never Wear On Long Haul Flights

No such thing as high fashion in high altitude.
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Flying somewhere far soon? It's best to be prepared and wear the right things. Because  if you're going to be stuck in a cramped space for at least 10 hours, you better make sure you're dressed for the occasion.

Below, some flying fashion don’ts to remember for your next vacation.  

1. Jumpsuits/rompers

Anything too complicated is a definite no-no. Rompers, jumpsuits, and dungarees may seem oh-so-comfy, but imagine having to remove them everytime you need to use the lavatory. HASSLE. 

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2. Your favorite white shirt

It’s easy to go with a plain white tee: It’s simple, comfy, and can be styled with anything. But don’t forget that things get spill on planes ALL. THE. TIME. Unless you're willing to clean your stained shirt in a cramped bathroom, ditch your white tee. 

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3. Skinny jeans

When flying for a long period of time, go with the something a bit loose for your bottoms so your legs could breathe. It's best to just ditch jeans altogether as they tend to get uncomfy after a few hours.

4. White pants

White pants may look stylish AF, but they're not the most practical choice for long haul travel. Anything can happen while you travel like accidentally spilling your wine or staining your pants with a pen. 

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5. Summer clothes

Even if you’re flying from Manila to the Caribbean, it doesn’t change the fact that temperatures fluctuate on planes and airports. Opt for clothes that will keep you warm throughout your journey. Save your OOTD for your destination.

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6. Sweaters

There are a lot of woven tops made from itchy fabrics—like wool—that become super uncomfortable after a few hours, especially when temperature changes. Cotton sweaters are always a safe bet. 

 7. Heels

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of booties or block heels—they’re just not for the plane. But surely, you know that already, right?

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 8. Heavy perfume

Three words. Respect your seatmate.

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9. Accessories

Dangling earrings are all the rage these days, but they’re not for when you want to get some zzzs on a long haul flight. They can get really annoying and uncomfortable. 

10. Makeup

High altitude can wreak havoc on your skin as is, so don’t make it any worse by wearing layers of foundation. Instead of staining the pillow with your makeup, try wearing a sheet mask! It's an ongoing travel beauty trend that beauty-obsessed girls all over the world swear by to keep their skin in top shape.

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