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What's Inside a Stylist's Kit?

So you wanna be a fashion stylist? Here are some tools of the trade you need, stat.

It all started when Rachel Zoe became famous for reportedly earning thousands of dollars per styling job (WE. DIE.). Suddenly, Nicole Richie started looking boho chic and Lindsay Lohan became more polished (yes, there was a time when she actually looked very well put together!).

And then a lot of A-list celebrities followed suit—thus turning fashion styling as a legit and lucrative profession that most fashionistas want to dabble in.

How do you become a stylist, anyway? It’s not just knowing how to mix and match. Ask Cosmo cover girl Liz Uy, and she’ll tell you it ain’t as easy as it seems! And just like a soldier who needs a gun, a seamstress who needs a sewing machine, or a painter who needs a set of brushes (you get the picture!), a fashion stylist also has her own set of tools to make any outfit work.

So if you’re gearing up for a photo shoot for your styling portfolio or simply helping out a friend dress up for a big event, click on the gallery now to know every stylist’s must-haves when on the job!

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