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Why Guys Hate Girls in Wedges

What?! 71% of men think wedge heels are the most unattractive shoes. Like ever.

Well, here's an interesting study: Guys hate seeing their girlfriends in wedges. Yep, American organization polled 2,103 men and asked them what kind of shoes they disliked seeing on girls, and the results were pretty surprising.

According to those guys, the least attractive shoes are:

1. Wedge (71%)
2. UGGs (67%)
3. Crocs (63%)
4. Platforms (58%)
5. Flip flops (55%)
6. Moccasins (49%)
7. Mary Janes (42%)
8. Ballet shoes (37%)
9. Kitten heels (34%)
10. Sneakers (25%)

Ridiculous, right?! And there's more: 79% of the guys revealed they usually judge their partner's choice of footwear; while 93% said they found girls attractive if they wore pretty shoes.

As much as we want to please our guys, we love our wedges too much to let them go!

What do you think, CGs? Will you ditch your wedge heels?


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