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Calling #TeamDoSan!
It might seem like the general public has been heavily leaning on #TeamGoodBoy ever since Start-Up aired, but I know for a fact that there are a bunch of #TeamDoSan supporters out there as well. I see you, I feel you,
Who WOULDN'T get these stars?!
When a Korean superstar endorses a brand, chances are, their loyal fans wouldn't even think twice about purchasing items from that label. This is why a lot of companies get high-profile personalities as their ambassadors-it's a
Did you know he starred in a couple of music videos?
Nam Joo Hyuk is currently starring in his biggest role to date, as Nam Do San, the adorkable tech genius on Start-Up. And because of how well-written and well-received the show is, the K-drama-watching populace is divided
Their friendship is for keeps (but their decisions...not so much)!
Let's be honest, guys: ALL of us are currently obsessed with the Netflix series Start-Up. We've been counting the days, hours, and minutes until it's the weekend again so we can either ugly cry or
Looks like we're heading to ~the future~.
WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for Start-Up! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episodes yet.Okay, what the hell just happened last week?! I know we're all living for the ~drama~in Episodes 11
Sooooo lucky!
Everyone's talking about the Netflix K-drama Start-Up and we just can't get enough of it! One lucky fan, in particular, took her fangirling to the next level and visited the beloved show's most iconic filming
Remember THIS episode?!
A lot of K-dramas have come and gone but there are a few that will always have a special place in our hearts. The Netflix series Start-Up is a perfect example of this, and while we still have a *few* (
Say hello to your newest hobby!
Hello there! We know we're not alone when we say that we've been obsessed with the K-drama Start-Up ever since it began. Every episode makes us feel kilig and keeps us on our toes with all
We'll miss them so much!
We've got to come to terms with this undeniable fact: All K-dramas come to an end, and this time, it's everyone's current obsession, Start-Up. We've only got four episodes left but the
There's so much to love about this girl!
Start-Up fans, how are you doing? Because we're so obsessed with this show, we're constantly feeding you new info about it! You already know a *lot* about Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho, and Kang
We're so ready to see these places!
Who else is dreaming of visiting South Korea again? We know it's not only us! The Land of the Morning Calm really has a *lot* to offer-just the thought of its breathtaking views is enough to make us smile. Although
They only have GOOD THINGS to say about each other!
At this point, we're only a couple of weeks away until Start-Up airs its final episode. And the collective K-drama-watching populace has been divided into two teams for as long as the series has been going on-
He’s a dog dad!
Hello, Start-Up fans! We've already introduced Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy), Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk), Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho), Won In Jae (Kang Han Na), and Dal Mi's halmeoni (Kim Hae Sook)-now, let'
Are things gonna look up for our Good Boy?
WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for Start-Up! Don't read if you haven't seen the latest episodes yet.So last weekend's Start-Up episodes were rather...feelsy. No, scratch that. They were epically sappy with scene after
You might've seen him in the mega-hit K-drama, 'Descendants Of The Sun'!
Start-Up is arguably the most popular K-drama right now because of its incredibly well-written storyline and unforgettable cast of actors. And one such actor who's been catching our eye in recent weeks is Cho Tae Kwan. He
Which team are YOU on?
Start-Up is undoubtedly one of the most well-written dramas we've seen this year. 10 episodes in and the Netflix series Start-Up has really become the talk of the town. No questions about it-this K-drama is
The actor is on a roll this year!
If we're going to list down the busiest Korean actors this year, Nam Joo Hyuk would definitely be part of the top five. So far, he has starred in two Netflix dramas: The School Nurse Files and Start-Up, and now
There's a reason why this drama is *so* popular.
2020 has given us some of the best K-dramas we've ever seen. The latest on our list? Netflix's Start-Up.Start-Up brings us to the world of start-up companies and the youth who dared to
Before 'Start-Up,' they were both offered the lead roles in 'Come And Hug Me.'
Loving Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy's tandem on Start-Up? Well, it turns out, K-drama fans could've gotten the handsome pairing way earlier-back in 2018, to be exact. So yup, we could've already witnessed
Second lead syndrome galore!
We've been bitten by the second lead syndrome ~bug~, and it's all thanks to Start-Up writer Park Hye Ryun! Apparently, the South Korean scriptwriter is *notorious* for creating second lead characters that are VERY hard not to