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The rare illness causes flu-like symptoms for up to seven days after ejaculation.
Have you ever noticed a guy get the sniffles after a particularly hot bedroom session? Because-giant newsflash-if you have, it could be that they're allergic to sex. I know, it sounds ridiculous. But just hold your horses.New
Symptoms aren't always what they seem.
Nowadays, more people than ever are certain that they have food intolerances-but with so many possible symptoms, triggers, and outcomes, how can you be sure that your dietary choices are really causing your problems?We asked Dr Gill Hart, intolerance expert
Some people are allergic to their cellphones!
As a follow up to "5 Strangest Allergies Ever," here are five more baffling allergies in the medical world.1. Red meatIf you feel nauseous, develop a headache and rashes, and get a stuffy nose after eating red meat, then you may
Friends who talk about new seafood restaurants in front of you are bitches.
1. You never get to enjoy beach trips fully because you can NEVER taste what ~*fresh seafood*~ tastes like. *sigh*2. And your friends never forget to remind you that you're missing out. Yeah, okay, Miguel, it's just SO sad