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Here at Cosmo, we're big fans of creative and one-of-a-kind prenup shoots, and our recent obsession is an Attack On Titan-inspired one! Engaged couple Glyde Anthony Cuevas and Hazel Jae Pimentel seem to be dressed up
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In recent years, Netflix has been delving into animated content for their streaming platform (and rightfully so, because it's got a dedicated fanbase). They have OG animated shows like the popular title Castlevania. They also recently dropped an anime-inspired
Turn your favorite pastime into a source of extra cash.
For many of us, it's like hitting two birds with one stone when you make money from doing something you love. You know what they say, "Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a
'I love [Sailor Moon] because she is so relatable. Her flaws are so real.'
Meet Karen, the star of Episode 3 of the Fangirl Diaries and a self-proclaimed Geek Girl. She's part of a multitude of fandoms in the geek culture-"What fandom am I not part of? Because I like a lot
From the director of 'Your Name'!
You may want to sit down for this, anime fans. The Japanese film Weathering With You is dropping on Netflix this July 31! This film is the latest from Makoto Shinkai, the same brain behind the phenomenal Kimi no Na wa a.
And it's coming sooner than you think!
It's been four years since Your Name or Kimi No Na Wa was released worldwide bringing us one of the most well-loved and unforgettable Japanese animated films in recent years. I mean, up until now, I can still remember
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If you've exhausted all the K-dramas, documentaries, and true crime content on Netflix, why not give anime a try? Netflix has made fans of the genre extremely happy by adding well-loved movies and TV series to the streaming
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Looking for things to keep you entertained in quarantine? So far, online concerts, live Q&A sessions, and streamable TV shows, documentaries, and films have probably been keeping you occupied. Here's another thing you'll soon be able to
The films will be available starting February 2020!
Relive the magical adventures of Studio Ghibli's anime feature films that will begin streaming on Netflix starting February 1!In a preview uploaded by Netflix Philippines, fans can get a glimpse of almost *all* of the films made by Studio
It's a visually ~stimulating~ ride.
In the year 2027 at Kyoto, a high school student named Naomi Katagaki (Takumi Kitamura) struggles with the timeless straight boy dilemma of approaching girls. One day a crow steals Naomi's book, forcing him to give chase until eventually ending
Anyone up for a sci-fi time travel love story?
Here's some good news for those who loved Japanese animated films Your Name (2016) and Weathering With You (2019): Pioneer Films, which brought us these movies in the PH, will be screening another hit Japanese film called Hello World starting
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Makoto Shinkai, of Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) fame, is back with another romantic fantasy feels trip care of Weathering With You (Tenki No Ko). The follow-up film has already earned more than 10 billion Yen (around P5 billion) in
Yes, you can stream anime on Netflix, too!
Remember the days when you had to call dibs on the TV-and fight for the remote control if you had to-just to watch the latest episode of whatever anime was airing on local channels? Back then, it was the only