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At the end of the day, 'Star Wars' is still 'Star Wars.'
It's PERFECT for fantasy fans who were salty about how 'Game of Thrones' concluded the series!
A series where women push back and take up space in a misogynistic world while wearing practical clothing? YES!
Trigger warnings for this film include mental illness, physical and emotional abuse, and graphic violence.
It's really a love story between Constance Wu and JLo's characters!
You'll either laugh out loud or be deeply unsettled—there is no in-between.
It's probaby the most expensive Beatles fan video ever made in recent history!
It's all your fave teen summer vacation movies rolled into one!
We give you all the deets surrounding the much-hyped about film adaptation starring one of the leading actresses of this generation.
These will quench your parched complexion.
Here's season two in one sentence: Women getting shit done while the men flail about.
He plays controversial character, Michael Teo, in the film.
Get ready for a kickass heroine, neon lights, and leopard-print pants.
You're in for one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride.