Learn about these secret erogenous zones--which he may not even know about--that will maximize his pleasure and your satisfaction.
If you asked your guy to divulge the sexiest place on his body where you could stroke him, it doesn't take a genius to guess how he'd respond. But, it turns out there are several lusty locales that, when tantalized
Ditch the conventional tenets of female arousal along with the passe trends of 2010. Here, Cosmo's new ways to enjoy sex--for a wilder, sexier 2011!
CONVENTIONAL WISDOM: You have to feel desire to get aroused. BOLD NEW THINKING: You don't need to be in the mood to get excited.For eons, women have been told how complicated their bodies are, especially sexually. And while it's
Take your sack sessions to a more soulful level with these tips.
Animalistic sack sessions belong waaay up on every Cosmo girl's gotta-have-it list. But slow, soulful encounters shouldn't get second billing just because they don't leave cracks in the bedroom walls. "This kind of sex is deeper than
Want to give your man a V-Day present he’ll remember for years to come? Send him over the edge by being the greatest lover he has ever had!
Try this collection of seductive stunts that involve a cotton cloth, a deck of cards, and...earplugs? Just trust us. Your honey will thank us for it.<br />
You, your man, and a hotel room—you know exactly what’s going to happen. Here’s how to make that year-end holiday romp the most memorable ever!
If you’re stressed from the holiday rush, maybe what you need is a great dose of lovin’. Keep your libido up this Christmas with Cosmo’s get-in-the-mood-for-lust tips.
If you really want to drive him delirious with desire, you need to know how his body works. Here, the lusty lessons!
It's not the length, but the width that gives YOU pleasure, and other helpful truths about women's sexuality you probably don't know yet!
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