Note to self: What would Wonder Woman wear?
At 5'10", Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot doesn't exactly need help in the height department. She can tower over some people any day, with or without heels. But given how society normally equates red carpet events to high, high heels,
Equal parts girly and edgy.
Late last year, you couldn't browse Instagram without encountering a pair of Chanel's cap-toe slingback pumps. And before that, everyone was posting shoefies of their feet laced up in clean white Stan Smiths. Now, a certain shoe style is
Because what's nude for one woman isn't for another.
Instagram/loubutinworldWhat girl doesn't love a good pair of ballet flats? We know we do-there isn't a day at the Cosmo HQ that one of the editors isn't wearing everyone's go-to comfy shoe (next to the
Comfort and fashion combined!
1. Versatile sandals The heat in this country makes it unbearable to cover our feet whenever we're out and about, which is where sandals come in. An option in a neutral or metallic shade pairs well with shorts, skirts, dresses, rompers-
Check out the stylish yet comfy designs from the footwear brand's latest collection, featuring the creations of five fashion-forward ladies.
When you're constantly on the go, a comfy yet stylish pair of shoes is a must. As you juggle deadlines, keep up with your raging social life, and squeeze in some QT with your honey, a sturdy yet spiffy pair of
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