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These will help you achieve flawless makeup every time.
If you're looking for a makeup tool that can blend foundation, concealer, contour, blush, and powder, look no further: Try an egg-shaped makeup sponge! The handy, stress ball-looking beauty tool can effortlessly make base products look like they
Ring in the Year of the Pig with these festive products!
Get your wallets ready because we listed down the beauty products that will ensure your makeup look stands out during all your Chinese New Year celebrations. Keep scrolling to start shopping!This affordable, black AF eyeliner won't smudge, fade, or
Let's find out!
The BeautyBlender changed the game for makeup sponges in the beauty industry. So when they released another innovative product, the Blotterazzi™-a washable and reusable oil-blotting sponge-we wondered how it would compare against an oil-blotting sheet.Read on for
Soap? Baby shampoo? Dishwashing liquid?
Ever since the Beautyblender was introduced to the beauty industry in the early 2000s, makeup application has never been the same. The soft egg-shaped sponge has been the go-to tool of pros and beauty lovers to create flawless finishes on
And it doesn't involve makeup!
Hair strobing a legitimate thing. The technique is now being done with the thing that made the contouring movement what it is today. No, not Kim Kardashian. The Beauty Blender.Yep, the new way to strobe-according to celebrity hair stylist Jamie
Oh that's not dirt honey, that is mold.
Remember when we talked about the Beautyblender and how it will change your life forever? Did you get yourself one? Amazing, right?As amazing as the egg-shaped sponge is, however, many women complain about molds forming on theirs. The mold formation
You might want to stick to using your fingers from now on.
UK-based beauty professional Stevie Miller was surprised to see a small hole on her relatively new makeup sponge. After assuming that it was nothing but dirt, she used a pair of tweezers to pull it out. To her surprise, it wasn'