Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on November 9, 2015!
1 Maine Mendoza got all sentimental when she spotted her Coca-Cola billboard with Alden Richards along EDSA. The social media star posted a photo on Instagram and wrote, "I still remember saying 'Sana talaga magkaron din ako ng billboard ko someday!'
As it turns out, she's a fake girl who bought a Pioneer Woodlands Condo.
Such a letdown. The mystery of the Olivia billboards has finally been solved: It's a marketing campaign for Pioneer Woodlands Condominium in Mandaluyong! Part of us were hoping it was a real proposal, or at least a really good Pinoy rom-
So apparently, the traffic situation we go through every single day isn't the worst we've had yet. Starting Monday, February 17, the construction of two major infrastructures (Skyway 3 and NAIA Expressway Phase 2) will commence, resulting in what has
Is it a real marriage proposal? An advertisement for a movie or show? We rounded up the most popular speculations.
UPDATE! We already figured out who Olivia is.Okay Olivia, shouldn't we know who you are by now? People have been buzzing about the growing number of "Olivia, Will You Marry Me" billboards scattered along EDSA, but the story behind it
We first laid eyes on their to-die-for bodies on those short-lived, controversial billboards. Now, get to know the hot men of the national rugby team in this gallery.
There's another team of hot athletes competing with the Azkals for your attention: the Philippine Volcanoes. If you didn't already know, they're our national rugby team, and they are fast becoming the talk of the town. Like the Azkals,
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