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M Bakery has *so many* holiday-themed desserts this year!
Ham. Morcon. Pancit. Lechon. Crispy Pata. These are just some dishes you'd normally find on the table during Noche Buena. And while fruit salad and buko salad are still two popular dessert choices for Christmas season, you can never have
Meet Lea Yosalina-Brito of Good Karma, a specialty bakeshop.
When the pandemic happened, a lot of industries were affected, especially travel and tourism. One of those whose careers had to take a backseat was Lea Yosalina-Brito. She is a licensed pilot, and she shared that being assigned flights is now
It reminds us of pizza!
Is one cookie never enough for you? We have a solution: a giant, pizza-size, multi-flavored cookie-just be sure to load up on the self-control! The Epicookies bakeshop in Iloilo City serves up The Goliath, a cookie with multiple
Try not to take a bite!
If your snack of choice when hankering for something sweet is a classic crunchy-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside, baked-to-golden-brown-perfection chocolate chip cookie, we bet even the smell of these treats baking in the oven is
Imagine *speculoos* in a frozen, creamy form.
There are cookies, and then there are Lotus Biscoff cookies-the famous brand of the traditional spiced European cookies known as speculoos. And while it's good in their original biscuit form or turned into cookie butter, here's an
Choose from cookies, brownies, lava cakes, and more!
Craving something sweet, but can't decide what to order? No shame in that, every serious snacker and sweet tooth knows how you feel. There's certainly no shortage of sugary treats you can order in Manila from cakes like
It's okay to indulge from time to time.
For its unique and heart-tugging appeal, It's Okay To Not Be Okay truly deserves a spot in every K-drama fan's heart. Put this and the superb acting skills of Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Oh Jung
Anyone who loves the cookies-and-ice cream combo knows about Hershey's Cookies 'N' Creme. It's a childhood favorite that combines this ice cream flavor and white chocolate in one bar. If you're one
We need 'em all!
Cookies are a staple snack for many of us. From crunchy, gooey, chewy, and with assorted fillings and toppings, they come in many forms and we love them all! We like them even more, though, when they're in cute shapes,
The best of these buttery, chocolatey baked goods!
There are a lot of desserts you can choose to indulge in, from over-the-top cakes to fancy layered tortes. But somehow, we always find ourselves going back to the humble chocolate chip cookie. At its core, they're made
If there's one dessert we'd gladly eat no matter what, it's cookies. It doesn't hurt that they have a ton of varieties, too. Soft, chewy, and with assorted fillings and toppings-the possibilities are
For a 'balanced' diet!
Upgrade your usual merienda by ordering these cookies with a salty twist. ICYDK, bakers have been getting creative each day. They've gone beyond the basic chocolate chip recipes and they have been adding savory ingredients like pretzels and potato chips
Let's be real: Cookies and cream ice cream is number one!
Cookies and cream ice cream is one of our favorite flavors so why not make your own version at home? One of our favorite food YouTubers, Nino's Home, uploaded a simple recipe that only calls for three ingredients. Apart from
Best news ever!
If you've been craving cookies all this time but you hate spending extra on delivery fees (South peeps, do you hear me?), I've got the best news for you. Aperitif *finally* made it super easy for you to
Cookies By The Bucket is under fire for their management’s reported inappropriate behavior.
On Friday, June 19, ESPN host and social media influencer Kim Cruz tweeted, "I was scared to post this but with all these brave women posting their #HijaAko stories, I think it's time to speak up." Her post contained alleged screenshots
Pair this with your go-to Starbucks drink!
As Starbucks opens more of its stores for deliveries and takeout, you will find that more items are now available on the menu. If you're looking to switch up your usual coffee pairing, Starbucks added new pastry options to go
Yung mawala na lahat, 'wag lang 'tong specific cookie na 'to.
Unpopular opinion: Chocolate chip cookies are good, they're hard to get wrong, but snickerdoodles deserve a special place in heaven. IT'S JUST BETTER. In case you didn't know, the star ingredients of snickerdoodles are cinnamon and
We all need this in our lives.
Not a day goes by that our news feeds aren't filled up with people baking up a storm in their kitchens. It's as if TikTok has made everyone into ~instant chefs~! One of the things we saw as
BRB, ordering our own.
You've been patient, and you've waited long enough. Get your wallets ready because Gigabite PH is back. On May 20, they started accepting orders for their famous "Pogi" cookies again. ICYDK, these bestsellers are "brown butter cookies with
We're always on board with easy treats.
Our social media timelines have been flooded with people baking since the beginning of quarantine. Everything from bread to brownies and even cereal has been taking over our feed for the last two months, with people on TikTok now getting in on