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She's so talented!
New K-drama fans might know Kim Sejeong as the feisty Do Ha Na from The Uncanny Counter or the animated Shin Ha Ri in Business Proposal. But before she catapulted to fame for her acting career, the 25-year-old first
It's the perfect track for a perfect day!
Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin tying the knot already made us cry, but what had us sobbing hard was when Gummy sang an OST (official soundtrack) from Crash Landing On You (CLOY) during the wedding ceremony!On March 31, South Korea&#
We're so happy for you!
World, stop: We finally have the official wedding photos of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin!The couple's respective agencies, VAST Entertainment and MSTeam, have announced that they're tying the knot today. Here's their full statement
Too cute!
We like a good K-drama-inspired photo shoot, and we have to say that we're loving Daryl Ong and Dea Formilleza's Crash Landing On You-inspired prenup pictorial.The singer took to IG to share their pre-
Koreans really have a knack for creating a good rom-com!
Be it American, French, Japanese, Filipino, written, or otherwise, I love the romantic comedy genre. A rom-com story always has that feel-good element to it. Not only does it make you feel and understand what love is all about, super
These are the groups of friends that will make you miss your ride-or-die besties.
Where are all the ladies at? Probably at home right now, dying to have that sense of normalcy back, so they can meet their girls more regularly already. Thankfully, the pandemic restrictions are easing up and vaccines are making get-togethers safer.
We rooted for some and loathed the others. How many of these actresses do you wish to get lead roles soon?
Scene-stealer, secretly sweet, sana-ikaw-na-lang-'yung-bida. These are some of the words to describe the noteworthy female second leads in Korean dramas. Another one: SASSY! Sometimes, they're besties with the lead actress. Other times, they're in
Alexa, play 'But It's Destiny' by 10cm.
More nakakakilig content coming your way, BinJin fans: Son Ye Jin, aka the "Nation's First Love," just revealed her *own* first love!Last week, a preview of Ye Jin's guesting on the popular variety show You Quiz On
The moment we've been waiting for is *finally* here!
Just add fuzzy blankets and a mug of hot chocolate for a perfect K-drama night!
Hallyu fans living in a tropical country like the Philippines have one thing in common whenever we watch winter scenes in K-dramas: We imagine what it's like to experience the world drenched in white with delicate snow falling all around
Looking for a really, really nice gift for yourself or your SOs? These might just fit the bill! If budget isn’t an issue, of course.
Food, clothes, and beauty products-these are some of the things that K-dramas make you buy. They just have a knack for making enticing PPLs (product placements). While the secret to how those gorgeous actors and actresses look is still elusive,
Uhm, is it really necessary?
Whenever there's an announcement about a K-drama remake, there are only two reactions from the audience: They'll either get excited or annoyed. The high-rating series Crash Landing On You (CLOY) is reportedly getting an American spinoff
From Gongjin village to Ssangmundong!
We often see a romantic couple or a solid group of friends in K-dramas, but have you ever noticed that the best series have neighbors you can totally relate to? Although at first, they love gossiping about you (we'd
He had the funniest reaction to *those* memes going around!
Do you ever wonder if your favorite Korean celebrities know about the memes that are ~dedicated~ to them? Well, the answer is yes and Kim Soo Hyun is a *perfect* example!If you've been scrolling your social media feed endlessly,
She also mentioned her experience in the Philippines!
Son Ye Jin is a name that needs no introduction-for two decades, she has proven herself as a notable actress with a long list of K-dramas and Korean movies. While millions of viewers watch her on the small and big
Remember the flashback scene in Crash Landing On You where we see a young Captain Ri playing the piano next to the ~most gorgeous~ view in Switzerland? Well, Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez just visited the exact same location during their family
We'd SCREAM if she ends up living in the PH.
Yesterday, at a virtual fan meet organized by the telecom company Smart, Son Ye Jin was asked about her thoughts on the Philippines. The Crash Landing On You actress recounted visiting the country with her family about 10 years ago, when they
We asked the actor why he thinks Captain Ri was so well-loved by fans all over the world.
I still remember the time when my life revolved around Crash Landing On You. I remember making sure my Saturday and Sunday nights were free so I could catch the latest episodes. There were even instances when I would go to work
Yup, he's the bunso of 'CLOY's The Company Five!
Rising actor Tang Joon Sang is just 17 yrs old but he has already headlined two K-dramas, namely: Move To Heaven and Racket Boys. This is just proof that there's no stopping this star from shining the brightest and
This drama is really the work of a genius!
To our fellow Vincenzo fans, we know how you feel right now: There's the excitement because another episode of our current favorite Netflix drama will air tonight. At the same time, you're also sad because we only have