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As we were doing our usual ~market research~ (stalking beauty aisles in the department store), one product caught our eye: The Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint! We knew we had to try it because 1) We are obsessed with lip tints 2)
Here are all the 69 winners!
For the first time ever, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards is 100 percent digital! This means you get to instantly share these top-notch products with your friends with just a tap of your finger, or screencap your faves so you can refer
You'll forget that you're wearing makeup.
There are days when we don't feel like wearing makeup, yet we just have to conceal a pesky blemish or eyebags. And sometimes, full coverage products may feel mask-like + heavy, which aren't the best for our humid
Do these ~*cute cushions*~ live up to the hype?
For our last edition of Beauty Wars for this month, we chose a hot (but cute) makeup trend-cushion blush.Read on to find out which one is worth the purchase.***Aritaum Sugarballl Cushion Blusher in No. 2 Milk CoralPrice:
We tried out a few Korean cushions to see if they're ~*holy grail*~ material!
For today's Beauty Wars, we're going back to the OGs, testing a few famous Korean cushion compacts to see which ones will give us that coveted ~*Korean fresh-faced glow*~.Read below to see what we think of
Why settle for plain compacts when these exist?!
Let's be honest. Part of the reason we go cray over Korean beauty products is the packaging (though thankfully, most of them work wonders, too). Any girl can relate to the pleasure that can be derived from unboxing the cutest eyeshadow
Cushion blush! Cushion highlighter! Cushion lipstick!
Thought cushion makeup was only limited to foundation and other bases? Wrong. We rounded up 11 cushion makeup products you should definitely get your hands on!Follow Retty on Instagram.
It's everyone's newest beauty obsession.
From Korean to Western brands, it seems like everyone is riding the cushion compact trend. The makeup innovation has gotten so huge that brands have even branched out to making cushion blush, highlighter, concealer, and even eyeliner.But how much do you
They're practical AND effective. We're obsessed!
Think of cushion compacts as the perfect combination of skincare and makeup. Not only will they improve your skin's condition while leaving you with a dewy finish-they offer high sun protection, too. They boast of light to medium coverage, so
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