We ship them so much!
It's Gerald Anderson's 30th birthday, and his girlfriend, actress Bea Alonzo, turned to Insta to infect us with all the kilig in their relationship. With her super sweet birthday message, she posted a nine-year-old throwback picture of the
These spots are ~cozy~!
There's nothing quite like watching a film with your SO! But there are times when the films you want to watch have been pulled out of commercial theaters or you just want a change of scene, right? Enter, independent cinemas!
Forget the traditional dinner date.
So you and bae have been together for a while now, and this year you really want to make it special... but how? Truth is, you're really just an ordinary couple who boo'd up after finding a rom-
Something to keep in mind for when you want to get back out there.
Dating can be fun and casual, but it can also bring so much anxiety. Depending on where you are in life and what your goals and values are, you might want something a little more serious than a fling. And that'
Is your sign more suited to an outdoorsy date, or something more cultural?
Don't rely on a nervous brainstorm or leave it up to THEM (heaven forbid). Consult your stars to reveal the ideas for a magical first date, based on your (or their) zodiac sign.Action and competition are Aries' catnip.
Cute ways to spend time with your Valentine without breaking the bank!
There are lots of reasons why people choose not to splurge on Valentine's Day. You could be a student on a budget or waiting on a paycheck that hasn't come in yet. Or maybe your date just isn't into
*plays La Vie En Rose in the background*
Got an anniversary coming up? Or is your special someone celebrating a birthday milestone this month? Tempting as it may be to go with what's trending, we have to admit that getting all dolled up for a night of dinner and
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on March 23, 2017!
1 While we'd love for reel relationships to work out IRL-like the one between Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun's characters in Goblin-this just isn't happening (at least for now). Kim Go Eun'
Based on your relationship status!
Tarot cards may seem like a hoax to most folks. Often relegated to scammer gypsies, and psychics trying to make a fast buck, their reputation doesn't offer up a lot of credence. These days however, a 78-card deck of tarot
And no, we're not talking about dinner and a movie.
Not to hate on couples who celebrate Valentine's Day with dinner and a movie, but we're young! We can be a little more creative than that, right? Impress your significant other with plans like these:Hey...you get
Classic declarations of love? Hard pass.
While we acknowledge the fact that Filipinos are known for our romantic and sentimental ways, not everyone fits that mold. Believe it or not, there are people who prefer more subtle displays of affection. If you and bae are more chill than
Cookies and coffee are involved!
If you need any more proof that Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are in the ideal relationship, besides the fact they share loved up selfies and fangirl over each other all the time, the model just revealed their perfect date night-and
Celebrate the boos with your boo.
While dressing up as Hiddleswift and dancing your way to a costume party is always a good idea, here are some low-key alternatives to spending the scariest time of the year with bae.1. Tour haunted houses.We all know that
They're simply breathtaking.
While you've probably made your own bucket list of all the destinations you want to see, traveling with someone you love and value can make the trip more enjoyable. If you and your beau are looking for spots to bond and
There are many, many ways to strengthen your relationship with the bae!
Forget dinner and a movie! Take your date nights to a whole new level with these fun and exciting activities: 1. Conquer a mountain together.It's going to be tiring, but it's also fulfilling. Just imagine the beautiful landscape you
Save on gas money!
A date with your significant other doesn't always have involve a candlelit dinner in a crowded restaurant or a blockbuster at the nearest cinema. In fact, you don't necessarily have to leave your house at all. Here are a few
These fun activities will get your hearts pumping.
1. Be ninjas for a day.Climb over walls, jump through hoops, and conquer obstacles together at the Ninja Academy.Place to check out: Ninja Academy PH2. Go rock climbing.Take turns being the climber and the belayer (the person who secures
If you're sick of eating out...
1. Take the Plunge at Flying Trapeze PHWhy you should go: Swing from a 25-foot high platform and enjoy a bonding experience with your boy, because swinging like Tarzan is totally ~*normal*~.What's there to do: Sign up for an
Because you don't have to leave your house to have a fun night.
1. Binge-watch an entire season of a TV show. This sounds intimidating, but you can do it. Believe in yourselves and each other, and finally catch up on that show that makes you yell, "NO SPOILERS, WE'RE STILL PLANNING ON
<i>Kuripot</i> dates can be awesome, you know.
Dare yourselves to stick to a P500 budgetWe're loving Spot.ph's list of super cheapo date restos for a recessionista romance. Into coffee? Make your own, or go to one of these cafes for some getting-to-know-you realness.
Will he catch you if you fall?
Make your date extra memorable and exciting by visiting Flying Trapeze Philippines (FTP), the first and only flying trapeze school open to the public in Metro Manila.Not only is it fun, it's a good workout too! The sport of flying
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