It's all about safety!
Babies love to grab people's hair. The scary thing is, when a single strand wraps around one of their fingers or toes, or even their genitals, it can cause nerve damage!To keep baby Baz safe, new momma Divine Lee
BRB, need to shed happy tears!
President Rodrigo Duterte's State of the Nation Address didn't mention the SOGIE Bill at all, but that didn't stop support from pouring out on social media. The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Bill, 
Happy Mother's Day to all the strong moms out there!
Mother's Day not only celebrates our moms for raising us the best way possible. It also pays tribute to women's strength, compassion, confidence, and gentleness. As we celebrate the most important woman in our lives, let's
She named her son after an artist!
In true celebrity fashion, Divine Lee and her husband Blake Go chose a unique name for their baby boy who was born on May 5 in Cebu City."I'm Basquiat Delfin L. Go," said a post on Instagram from an
Congratulations to the parents!
Divine Lee is now a mother. The blogger/social media influencer announced the happy news on her Instagram stories on May 5, 2018.On her post, she wrote, "Mas masakit pa pala yung pag-ibig kaysa sa CS. I'm done, guys!
She did more than hire a hair-and-makeup team to glam her up.
Divine Lee is scheduled to give birth today, May 5, via C-section. Since yesterday, the blogger/social media influencer has been documenting the moments leading up to the labor and the delivery, and posting everything on her Instagram stories. As expected,
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