It also has AI and AR backgrounds and filters!
Facebook officially launches "Messenger Rooms." In a livestream video, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described this feature as a "group video chat designed with social interactions in mind."This new rollout is part of Mark's video-focused plan for Facebook where
Save our food delivery guys and say no to canceled orders.
Recently, a photo of a Grab Food delivery guy went viral after he was seen crying while eating the food he was supposed to deliver but was canceled by a customer. Because of that viral photo, a new Facebook group was put
It's a way of letting the outside world know that you're both taken.
Think about the last time you posted a couple photo online. You probably spent 10 minutes crafting the cutest caption, feeling kilig the whole time. And it's not just you: Your partner probably had butterflies in their stomach, too.We&#
We love her smile!
Kadenang Ginto may be over, but our obsession with one of the leads, Francine Diaz, is still on. We love her vibe on Insta. She always looks happy in her photos, and her smile is simply contagious. If you want the same ~*
No need to go out to take the perfect DP!
If you clicked on this, you're probably dying to change your outdated profile pic. You've already looked through the stuff that's on your camera roll and not a single DP-worthy pic. But what if I told you that
Ganda lang!
Being comfortable in front of a camera isn't an easy task. It feels awkward-like you're being watched by A LOT of people. The worst part is that this awkwardness shows in your photos, so you immediately appear
Stop using them, stat!
Say goodbye to eggplants, peaches, and water droplets. Social media giant Facebook, which also owns Instagram, has banned the use of the three emojis, citing its crackdown on online sexual solicitation. Facebook has released a revamped set of guidelines in Section 16
This is for every person who loves to say, 'Sorry for the delayed response.'
'Sabi ko, drink your water, b*tch.'
These days, memes crop out of nowhere and we don't really know who thought of them first, or where they originated from. What we DO know is that Pinoys have a way of making memes funnier and more endearing! A
And other things to keep in mind when you communicate online.
Have you ever asked someone a quick question on Facebook Messenger only to receive a response that's two paragraphs long?Two things usually happen afterwards: 1) You feel slightly guilty because it feels like they put more thought in their
'Anybody there na gustong i-friend ako privately?'
Kris Aquino apparently has a new personal Facebook account, and she's looking to beef up her friends list.In an Instagram post, she listed her criteria for single males she'd like to become Facebook friends with. "FYI, I
Here's why.
You may soon be unable to see just how many likes or reactions other people's posts have received if Facebook decides to roll out its feature of hiding likes.ICYDK, Instagram has been conducting a test that does just this
Social media apps don't just poorly impact your mental health, they can negatively affect you in other ways, too.
How much time do you spend on social media every day? An hour? Two hours? Or are you one of the virtuous types who spends no more than 30 minutes scrolling through your Insta, FB, and Twitter feeds?Social media has become
Facebook is to blame, ugh.
If you're anything like us, the two most used apps on your phone are WhatsApp and Instagram, which is why news that they're both soon to have their names changed may come as a shock.Yep, both apps
'hai im adela johnson. bet mu ba blue hair ko?'
It was only a few days ago when Regal Entertainment, Inc. released the teaser trailer for its upcoming movie, Cuddle Weather, which stars Sue Ramirez and RK Bagatsing. The story revolves around two sex workers, Adela (played by Sue) and Ram (played
There's a serious security breach that you can fix straight away.
Upgrade to the latest version of your WhatsApp, stat.This is what Facebook is urging its roughly 1.5 billion users, after receiving a report of a security breach from the Financial Times (FT). "WhatsApp encourages people to upgrade to the latest
Simply effortless!
We don't think the world will ever run out of Instagram poses, and we're thankful for the peeps we see on IG who always serve as inspo. Today, we discuss the latest trend we've spotted that&#
Are you ready to find your match on Facebook Dating?
Facebook Dating: Looks like Facebook is trying to make a comeback because Facebook Dating is finally here. We first heard about this in-app surprise in May 2018 when CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched it during a Facebook conference. Unlike other dating platforms,
You don't need to be a pro to do it!
We've already laid out several poses for you if you're camera-shy. This time, we're suggesting another version that's cool and highly ~aesthetic~. It's pretty easy, but you just need to be
Thank goodness for Twitter!
On April 14, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp suddenly went dark for some users around the world. Naturally, the world freaked out-but just for a couple of hours.According to a report, the outages started at 6:30 p.m. (Philippine Time).
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