Hyaluronic acid is LIFE.
You might have noticed that the air has been getting colder recently, which might be good news for a lot of people, but not so much if you have dry skin. The chilly nights can make the complexion parched and patchy. To
It's simple but effective!
Ever since Mika Dela Cruz shared how she creates a "drunk blush" look-it's this P99 Glossier dupe, BTW-we've been looking for other ways to recreate her ~fresh~ glow. It looks like Mika heard our prayers because
A dermatologist sounds off on the viral trend.
Here's a thing about me: I only like factual, science-backed skincare. Even if something is trending on my Instagram feed or in my group chat, I'm fully skeptical until I've got my dermatologist's
Plus, how to fix them!
It's been a few years since the glass skin trend dominated our Instagram feeds and since then, we've been trying to recreate the lewk on our faces. If we can't achieve it with an extensive 10-
Effortless hacks, right this way!
You're set on going barefaced for the day, and we think that's okay! There are mornings when you're too tamad to put makeup on. You'd rather sleep more instead of spending time applying foundation
New year, new skincare routine!
We've already talked about the beauty habits you should forget about for the new year, so now it's time to shift our attention to the stuff that's actually worth trying. These are things that you'
#GlassSkin2020, here we come!
If you're aiming for clear and glowing skin in 2020, you've come to the right place. Here, we discuss ~The One ~ skincare product that will make your skin radiant and pimple-free. May we present, the mighty glycolic
Aka your new life handbook.
I think we can all unanimously agree that a glowing complexion is of the utmost priority. From smothering my face with iridescent primers to layering ludicrous amounts of liquid, balm and powder highlighters-so obsessed have we all become with looking glossy,
Let's compare and discuss!
Here at Cosmo.ph, we love finding out which products are worth our hard-earned money. For today's installment of Guiltless Gastos (We've got a bunch already up, BTW.), we compared the prices, weight, and ~glow factor~ of
I am obsessed.
I have oily skin, and growing up, I was always told that I could never put anything that looks moist or glowing on my face. I was warned that these products will only make my complexion look extra shiny. But, I'm
Spoiler alert: It's super sulit!
When we found out that Laneige was here to stay, we were ecstatic because we're assured that we can get our glass skin essentials anytime we want. This holiday season, the K-beauty brand released their Dream Bubble Collection, which
You don't need to use expensive products, too!
Getting a "glass skin" glow in under five minutes may sound impossible, but this super quick tutorial will show you otherwise. All you need is to add these items in your everyday makeup routine: A highlighter and lip gloss. These provide high
Score a glass skin look without the shine.
Nam Vo is a New York-based makeup artist who is responsible for highlighter porn posts you see on Instagram. She's nailed the #DewyDumpling look-glazed-looking skin with a glow that can be seen from a mile away.We
Get. That. Glow.
Celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo is famous for coining the term "Dewy Dumpling," which describes a gorgeous glowing makeup look with a second-skin finish. She's basically the highlighter fairy godmother on Instagram.The Hollywood MUA teamed up OG YouTuber
Is it skincare or highlighter? They'll never know.
Our pursuit of ~*glass skin*~ makeup is challenging, thanks to our fear of accidentally looking like a greasy mess due to the insanely hot weather of our country. But as impossible as it seems, there are simple tricks we can do to
It's super sulit!
A thing you should know about me is that I have oily and acne-prone skin-not exactly low-maintenance. This is why I jump at any chance to try products or services that can banish my pimples, brighten my complexion, and
It's a lot easier than you think.
So you wanna wear highlighter! Great! But now you have to ask yourself, "what kind of highlighter look am I in the mood for right now?" Some days you might want more of a my-skin-but-better kind of glow, and
Her luminous skin is simply goals!
We hope we aren't the only ones who know this fact: Dawn Chang loves glowing makeup looks. It's almost like Dawn walks around with a ring light to illuminate her face. Here's proof:Dawn embraces her
Here's a highlighting makeup technique for oily skin.
I've lost count at how many times I've shared on Cosmopolitan that I have oily skin. Since I hit puberty, fighting pimples has become an ongoing skin crusade for me. Aside from dealing with acne that comes with
It's time to glow, girl!
Achieving glowing skin takes a lot of consistent hard work: You need a brightening skincare regimen with additional help from exfoliating products, and you have to supplement it with the right makeup, too. To help in your path to score a dewy
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