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Learn how to know he's into you, make him fall in love, where to kiss him for it to really count, and a bunch of other male facts to add to your stock knowledge.
We know that with school or work piling up, you girls are hardly excited to study anything extra. But, there's always an exception: the mysterious ways of men. They never fail to confound us, which means we'll never give up
Learn the subtle differences that make for the perfect flirting style, and neither being <i>pakipot kuno</i> nor trying too hard.
Men love the thrill of the chase in the beginning, but they'll move on if their efforts aren't paying off. Try these tips for handling your new guy in different situations.1. CALLINGPakipot Kuno: Answering his calls with loud music
From romance to crime thrillers, and of course, some very timely horror films, October's bringing tons of action to the silver screen!
Everybody loves going to the movies! Whether you go with a cute guy or with your wild bunch of girlfriends, catching a flick is a great way to unwind and let go of your cares for two hours.October's got a
A modern-day fairy tale, a long distance love, and lots of cinematic fun for you, your guy, and your friends this month!
The cinemas are loaded with love for the ladies this August!Check out Vanessa Hudgens' new spin on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale (you'll adore her super hot co-star, Alex Pettyfer), or if you'
From HIS action-packed fare to YOUR fave rom-coms, watch these flicks while cuddled up with him.
Deciding what to watch is often a bottleneck (or cause for a petty debate) where planning a date is concerned. To help you decide on a movie to enjoy TOGETHER, Cosmo narrowed down the variety of choices to our signature Top 10.