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We pick our favorites from the working gals who sent in their photos for the Style Paparazzi challenge. See who made the cut!
Calling all office stylistas! Send us a pic of a fashionably fab you at work, and we just might put you in Style Paparazzi: Career Edition!
Cosmo gives you the skinny on all-natural and organic products that are all over beauty counters and stores these days.
Hard-working Cosmo chicks sometimes secretly wish for that Cinderella moment. Get ideas from these flicks.
And we don't mean mind games or playing the field. Some guarantee a fun weekend indoors without taking your clothes off...yet.
If your cubicle flirt-fests are starting to get serious, know the rules and risks that will govern your office affair.
This month's box office offers rom-coms, thrillers, and musicals--PLUS: Michael Jackson!
From HIS action-packed fare to YOUR fave rom-coms, watch these flicks while cuddled up with him.
Spot celebrities in our sea of bachelors and watch Cosmo Bachelor 2008 Eric Tai's hot dance number!
Who says you can't enjoy a bit of sun and greenery while you're malling? Drop by Bonifacio High Street and recharge with a bit of nature and retail therapy.
Is your man glued to the tube? Then spend quality time watching his faves with him. He'd love you for it.
Villains have all the fun--they get more action and the quirkiest lines, and are even played by the coolest actors. We hate them but can't forget them.
Find your skin color and discover the palettes that flatter you most.<br />