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Being a celeb makes you an instant cyber bulling target even with the most innocent of intentions when posting online. For Arci Muñoz, a certain Instagram picture she posted of her recent trip to Amanpulo garnered hate by a basher saying
But she's ready to move on now.
Anne Hathaway has revealed that she was well aware of that weird period when she was openly disliked on the internet.The 34-year-old actress-who won an Oscar for her role in Les Misérables the same year some media
Nadz has been receiving hate messages from 'OTWOL' fans because of the teleserye's unfortunate turn of events.
Instagram/jellyeugenioIn the recent episodes of the JaDine-starrer soap On The Wings Of Love, those die-hard OTWOListas (and casual viewers, alike) have come to the conclusion that it is the WORST. SHOW. EVER.Just kidding.But really, seeing Leah (Nadine
Before you go on and rant about how much you hate how he does this and that, re-evaluate yourself.
Making you wait on a date.When he's running late because he a) came from somewhere else with his friends, b) left work late, or c) just doesn't know the value of time, you start to give him a lecture