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It's even more beautiful than you'd expect!
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are officially married - woop and yay! Congrats to the happy couple! And, of course, as with any celebrity wedding, one of the first questions on our lips is: are there pics of the wedding dress? You'
They reportedly tied the knot in Las Vegas this weekend.
In a win for second-chance romance everywhere, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are officially married-at least according to TMZ, which is reporting that the couple tied the knot this weekend in Las Vegas.According to the TMZ report, Ben and
Truly this was (is????) SO MUCH.
Hey there, fun update: We've traveled back in time to 2002, a questionable time when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were dating and starring in critically-never-acclaimed-not-even-once film Gigli together. And now it looks like Bennifer
Breaking up with A-Rod wasn't her only messy split.
Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to publicized breakups. She recently split from her ex-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, after cheating rumors began circulating. The former power couple was planning their wedding before their dramatic split. Multiple outlets reported that their engagement was off,
'And I was like, why you so obsessed with me?' —M. Carey
It's one thing to be completely enamored with someone and so deeply in love that you see them through emoji heart eyes, but it's a whole other thing if that infatuation morphs into a dangerous obsession.As a
Another '90s trend is back!
Survey says '90s trends will always be cool. In a year-ender report, Pinterest said that styles from this ~glorious~ decade will resurface, and boy oh boy, it was right! Scrunchies, brown lippies, and snap clips are all over Instagram RN.
That's...a lot.
The world might be hunkering down at home right now, but apparently celebrity lawsuits aren't taking any time off. According to E! News, Jennifer Lopez is being sued for posting a photo to Instagram without the photographer's permission,
So much good content!
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of us are self-isolating at home, and picking up new hobbies in the process. Whether that's perfecting our winged-eyeliner, getting to grips with home workouts, or just dedicating more time to
She even shared his TikTok video on IG Stories!
You know how Jennifer Lopez has been *applauding* #JLoTikTokChallenge or #JLoSuperBowlChallenge dance videos from all over the world recently? She even retweeted Pinay Marianne Tubil's cover last week! Well, it seems like another one of our kababayans caught her eye
She did a cover of J.Lo's Super Bowl halftime show performance!
International pop star Jennifer Lopez has noticed one lucky Pinay dancer on social media! On March 20, netizen Marianne Tubil uploaded a Tiktok video where she did a 30-second cover of J.Lo's dance number during the Super Bowl
'I felt like I let everyone down a little bit.'
Obviously, the 2020 Oscars already happened, but Jennifer Lopez is just opening up about being snubbed by the academy. As anyone who watched Hustlers will know, J.Lo did an amazing job as Ramona and absolutely deserved a nomination.While speaking to
They've let so many details spill, TBH.
In March 2019, Alex Rodriguez got down on one knee and gave Jennifer Lopez the biggest engagement ring of all time. Like, no one else should even bother trying to give their loved ones a shiny rock at this point. And now
2020 already got you down? These are the girl-power films you need in your life.
Every year should be the Year of the Woman, but 2020 feels especially so, given all the BS we've been putting up with for the past few years...and centuries. If the state of the world has you feeling down,
Cool, also what I spend on shoes.
In case you are the one person in the world who somehow missed the Super Bowl halftime show, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez took the stage and completely ruled. Like, sorry, football whomst? I only recognize the sporting event that is Shakira'
This is everything I’ve been dreaming of since 2000!
The 2020 Super Bowl is officially over and that means we get to enjoy a full 365 days of ignoring the NFL until another halftime show demands our attention. In the meantime, the collective internet will be obsessing over Jennifer Lopez and
Numbers, like hips, don't lie.
In the middle of some sporting event (lol), Jennifer Lopez and Shakira gave the world one of the best performances it's ever seen to date. As someone who was never great with numbers, if I had to put a figure on
We. Are. Not. Worthy.
The Super Bowl is here, aka the day that you and your friends gather round to watch America's most beloved sporting event: the halftime show. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira joined forces this year and, as expected, it. Was. Spectacular. Like,
Yes, of all time. You can handle it!
Nora Ephron wrote a perfect screenplay-this is not up for debate-that at its heart asks, "Can men and women ever really be friends?" In the case of Harry and Sally, the answer is yes, they can be. Friends and soulmates.
It's time to hit up your hairstylist.
You guys, the lob (aka a long bob that ends somewhere between the chin and the collarbone) is alive and well. Yup, the haircut that took over the beauty world/all your feeds/every red carpet back in, like, 2017 is still
Wow, can't wait to watch the 'To All the Boys' sequel a million times.
There are a lot of things to look forward to in 2020: a new Halsey album, the US presidential election, and plenty of new movies that will be coming out through the year. More specifically, though, tons of romantic comedies are dropping,