I have FOMO, and I'm not even married!
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are living their best life, in the purest sense of the phrase. After tying the knot in France for their second wedding, the newlyweds headed all the way east to the Maldives for a stunning honeymoon vacation.
Willing and able to take sloppy seconds, thx.
You know your ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends? And how they all fully suck due to being a mixture of f*ckboys, softbois, and impossible-to-define weirdos? Same, same. We all relate. And by "we all," I mean everyone but Kendall Jenner,
It took a while, but Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas finally shared ~official~ pics from their stunning French wedding and they look jaw-droppingly good.The couple technically wed at a chapel in Las Vegas a while back, and their wedding photographer
Check out the beautiful chateau!
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas had their second wedding ceremony at Chateau de Torreau last weekend, after marrying one another in a low-key setting in Las Vegas in May 2019.The chateau-which dates back to the 17th century and survived
He was even wearing a little suit!
As anyone who has been on the internet today probably knows, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married at Ch√Ęteau du Martinet in Provence, France over the weekend. And while there were a ton of celebs at their wedding, like Nick
So, as you may have noticed if you were bored this weekend and spent way too much time on Instagram (hi, same), Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are currently in Paris looking adorable and deeply in love while the rest of us
From a Las Vegas wedding to getting tattoos together, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are absolute couple goals. And it turns out we're not the only ones who think it. Apparently, Sophie's dad is well on board with
We're glad the Jonas Brothers had fun!
Joe Jonas had his bachelor party in Ibiza, Spain, a few weeks ago and apparently, it was so wild that the police had to get involved.The brothers recently went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and played a game of "
Thank god for Sansa, truly.
There probably weren't many people who could convince the Jonas Brothers to reunite after six long years, but leave it to Sophie Turner, the Queen in the North, to make it a thing. In a new interview with Harper'
Yikes. Major yikes.
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas basically seem like the perfect couple, but apparently, they've had some super awkward mishaps during their relationship.While talking about her new movie Dark Phoenix on an Australian podcast, Sophie got on the topic of
Thanks to a man dressed like Elvis Presley and a classy Las Vegas wedding chapel, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are officially husband and wife. The two got married right after the Billboard Awards in front of a few of their closest
Cool, same.
People who are not currently living their best lives in Ibiza: me. People who are currently living their best lives in Ibiza: Joe Jonas and all his friends. The Academy Award-deserving star of Camp Rock is reportedly chilling on a yacht
I have so many questions!
While everyone obsessively following Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's relationship knows that the already-married couple is getting ready to have their second wedding in France this summer (see: Joe having his bachelor party on a yacht in Ibiza), Sophie
They're being very chill about the whole planning thing.
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are definitely not done celebrating their wedding. Their Las Vegas ceremony earlier this month was just step one.There's a huge wedding in France being planned for this summer. "Joe and Sophie want to have
Bro! Not cool, bro!
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are getting married in France later this summer, but before they do that, they decided to have a little wedding ceremony in Las Vegas because-and to use some vintage slang-YOLO. They made their union court-
Somewhere, Joe Jonas is feeling awkward.
You know what sounds awkward? Going on a talk show and finding out the other guest is your ex-boyfriend-who-you-put-on-blast's new wife. Which appears to be exactly what happened to Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner,
But they're fine now, don't sweat it.
Hot on the heels of the Game of Thrones finale (You can read our reactions here!), Sophie Turner is spilling details of her life outside of Sansa Stark, including her relationship with Joe Jonas. The actress and Joe tied the knot in
LOL, k.
Remember when Taylor Swift was dating Joe Jonas? Me too, weird times! These two were together back in 2008, when Taylor made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and fully put Joe-who'd just broken up with her over
If this is marriage, sign me up.
Fun reminder: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are married now thanks to a spontaneous Las Vegas wedding after the Billboard Music Awards that was equal parts tacky and glamorous (and live streamed by Diplo, who I have never been more grateful for).
If you're a Game of Thrones/Jonas Brothers/J Sisters/Jonai fan, then you're probably well aware that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got married in a surprise Las Vegas wedding on Wednesday night. The wedding took place
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