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It's an instant facelift!
By now, your Instagram and TikTok feeds are probably filled with girls whose makeup looks almost cat-like, with straight brows and elongated eyes-just like the signature makeups styles of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. There are three ways to score
Don't rush yourself.
Creating the perfect winged eyeliner can be a struggle if you have hooded eyes because you don't have much lid space to work with. There's also a tendency for your hard work to ~disappear~ the minute you open
It's a ~miracle~ hair treatment.
Bleaching and coloring your hair can give you a high, especially if you're the type of person who likes changing up their look every now and then. You get to try out hues you wouldn't normally have, plus
Sobrang affordable niya!
The road to soft, shiny, and model-like tresses is not without hurdles. Religiously shampooing and conditioning your locks are not enough-sometimes, you need to bring out the ~big guns~. Enter: Hair masks. These treatments provide extra moisture to help bring
Get to know 'ya girl, the internet hoe, Johnrey.'
Type "Johnreyslife" in the YouTube search engine, and you'll find a list of your favorite local makeup brands next to her name. It's no surprise, after all, Johnrey is the rising Pinay beauty vlogger. We can all turn to her
No to flashback!
It can be intimidating to ~experiment~ with your makeup if you have a dusky complexion. You shy away from flash photography for fear of looking like a ghost, you're afraid of wearing a pink lipstick because you think it looks "
Her MOTD only takes 15 minutes!
If you're a morena beauty junkie, you would know the ~struggle~ in finding makeup products that work for your dusky complexion. Thankfully, YouTuber Johnreyslife shared her *simple* makeup routine that's not just affordable, it's also fit
It's about time, tbh.
Hello, we have ~important~ beauty news for you all! We all know that face products such as foundation, cushions, and concealers of Korean makeup brands usually just cater to fair, light, and medium skin tones. This makes it harder to shop for